August 28, 2011

What do you mean 300 words or less?

First assignment is due tomorrow and I completed it last week. So what’s the problem?…….the problem is it has to be between 150-300 words and I’m at 789. I need to some how take the blogger gal out of me and do some chopping!!  ….so what goes and what stays……where are the judges from CHOPPED when you need them.

Before the chop and many many redo's:

Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley until I was 14, yes I was the typical valley girl until my parents uprooted my sister and I to this lovely Antelope Valley. Imagine the shock when I experienced my first 115 degree summer in the desert. It wasn’t pleasant and with enough protesting that we MUST go back to civilization my father put in a pool in the backyard to keep us entertained for the time being.  Somehow I survived the desert through junior high and high school but vowed once I left the Antelope Valley I was never coming back. Well as you can see I’m back in Lancaster and the big man upstairs got the last laugh. 

I had to grow up quite fast my senior year because my boyfriend, soon to be husband (now ex husband) and I had a daughter and right after graduation we married, he joined the navy and was stationed in San Diego  which meant we were headed there as well. What a difference from living in desert and you better believe we spent most of our free time at the beach. A young mom of a one-year-old, one on the way and wife of a military man wasn’t easy; we learned quickly that married life was more difficult than we thought. I only had wished back in senior year I paid attention when the teacher was talking about sex and budgeting. Four years later, three different military stations, two children and one on the way we decided to get a divorce. He stayed in Twenty-nine Palms and my children and I moved to the Midwest to be closer to my family.  

I would have to say my life really started when I left California and became a single mom of three little children. I quickly learned that no matter how hard I thought my life was I had to stop the self pity “it’s all about me” act because there were little ones depending on every action that I made. I don’t think I got a solid eight hours sleep for years and for some time I worked 2.5 jobs just to make ends meet. We spent close to five years in Wisconsin and the girl that first came to that little town with her three children wasn’t the same girl that left. I left as a women at the age of twenty eight who now knew what she wanted, knew how to fix a leaky sink, learned how to change a tire and taught myself how to shovel my car out of five feet of snow while enduring the wicked, bone chilling winters.  

Fast forward nine years, my oldest is twenty and is a junior in college, my seventeen year old is a senior and my youngest is a freshman and I would have to say being a mother has had its rewards but it’s been challenging at best. I learned that being their friend isn’t always advised and being their dictator will only end in hurtful words being thrown between the both of you. I lived in multiple cities trying to find the “perfect” job or gain the “right” experience just to make the “right” amount of money to survive in these trying times. I’m not in the perfect job but my experience got me to the point of making decent money, but I have decided that to truly be where I want to be in my life I needed to go back to school, which leads me to writing this bio for you all too read. I tried my hand at love and like a game of poker I lost big until two years ago when love literally knocked at the front door, we will be celebrating our one year anniversary this October.

Our first year hasn’t been easy, it was certainly an eye opener living with someone other than my children because I had been on my own for fifteen years since the divorce and then throw in the fact that we became a blended family. 5 kids total, 3 dogs, 2 cats no wonder challenges started to build and chaos started to make itself known which only through counseling we were able to  get a handle on. Honestly, there are times when I’m about to throw in the towel but what stops me is just thinking about that girl who was just 22, divorced, pregnant with 2 little girls heading to the Midwest and the struggles she faced and seriously nothing compares to the challenges I faced back then, but looking back I’ve come along way and it can only get better from here on out. Knock on wood.

August 27, 2011


It just baffles me when I'm at work and a call comes through and the person on the other line is just as irate as can be. As I am allowing them to ramble on and on about their bill I quickly review the account in front of me........................I realize when this person is talking about his/her child coming to our facility and this child isn't a child at all.....this child the parent keeps talking about is 30 years old.

Before I kindly interupt this mothers rant a few things cross my mind

1. why are you calling for your perfectly capable 30 something year old?
2. it's time to cut the cord
3. Stop please stop doing things for your manchild

When I kindly interupt the mother I explain that I would need to speak to "mr.manchild" because he is over the age of 18 and an adult. Just imagine my surprise when I heard the mom say "well he's sleeping". I look at the time at it's 1:30........she continues to tell me that he can't possibly pay this bill because he doesn't work. I proceed to tell the mother that once "junior" wakes up to have him call us and we can discuss payment options with him.

OK, I'm sorry if you are reading this and you still have your 20-30 year old attached to your nipple and you do everything for them but wipe their ass. It is unbelievable how many parents can't cut the cord or choose not to. It's one thing to show them the "how to's" of everyday life.......but to be the enabler to their every day life is plain destructive to THEM.

In this situation I wanted to tell the mother to kick Mr,manchilds ass out of bed, get him on the phone and then direct him to the want ads. I get calls like this all day long and the parents have nothing but a parent told me yesterday "he's only 20 years old he doesn't know anything about bills", and it being a long day I said "well Mrs. I was 18 ...married..and on my own and I had to learn the hard way and I have a 20 year old who lives in another state, putting herself through just need to explain to them what they are receiving in the mail and have them  call on their own".
Believe me these calls are a wake up call for me ....... because believe me the first bill my child gets he/she will get right on it.

This just reminds me on when my oldest was 18 and she was just about to leave for college but asked me to return something for her at walmart. I told her that I didn't have time and all she had to do was go to customer service and tell them you needed to return it. I of course heard huffs and puff and "i don't know how"......but I just told her she had to learn on her's NOT hard. Now.......she's become a pro!!!

August 24, 2011


Ben Flajnik Is the Next Bachelor

Really?? HIM.........just because Jennifer Love Hewitt had a bit of a crush on him and tweeted that she has to visit Sonoma County. Doesn't mean everyone else in America would fall for him too ....Do you NOT remember who she has dated in the past?

 So I guess my Mondays will be free.....because I will NOT watch the Bachelor  if Ben is I said before he would be better off being Geico's caveman spokesman than the next Bachelor

August 23, 2011

Weekend In Review

In an earlier blog I wrote about how my oldest chose to forgo her birthday party because she felt it was becoming over the top…….she stated she didn’t want a cake, balloons, streamers and PIZZA….she also felt that all we would need to spend is $20 which wouldn’t even feed ¼ of the people that were planning on arriving. Well, I didn’t hear from her that night and knowing she was attending the local fair with her aunt and uncle I just kept my mouth shut and was going to deal with her in due time.


My oldest had planned to take her sister, brother, her sister’s boyfriend and uncle to the beach and it was planned that she was going to take my car. I knew that they were leaving at noon so I got up early made sure the car had a full tank of gas, I was planning on taking it for an oil change and to check all the fluids and tires…..I wanted to make sure the car was all ready for their little trek to the beach but as I was taking the mister to work the oldest called in a demanding tone “WHEN ARE YOU DROPPING OFF THE CAR?”……hmmm “ Good Morning to you too” I thought….I explained to her that I was dropping the Mister off then picking her brother up from football practice, getting the car checked and then I will bring the car over. She threw a major fit. She said she was going to pick up her brother and that I don’t have to get the oil and tires checked. I explained the plans again and all I got was attitude. She then stated that I just didn’t want them to go and that their plans were getting ruined. “How am I ruining your plans? You will get the car by noon…..the tank is full of gas, the tires and fluids will be checked and you will have a gas card so you can use it instead of your money on the return back” she continued getting mouthy and had the nerve to ask what my problem was……….in just a few seconds it took me from holding my tongue to realize what an ungrateful person she has become to letting her have it. I told her how I felt about her cancelling a party that everyone had been planning on attending and then heres the shocker she said “well people are still coming over and we are just going to all hang out and go swimming?” ……I asked when this was decided and she said Friday and that it was just going to be simple. It  hit me that I wasn’t even going to be invited, she was going to take my car to the beach expect  a cake on her return and then have her little shindig at her aunts/grandmas house on Sunday. I was beyond livid and as she’s yelling at me regarding the car/beach I disconnected the call because when she refuses to let me talk about I’m getting disrespected than I don’t need to hear it. She called again……I asked “can I talk?” she started yelling…….Disconnect. The next call was her saying that she wasn’t going to the beach. “Fine that’s your choice”.

Later on that day I was told her father that my oldest stated that I sabotaged the beach trip. I told him that if that was the cause would I have filled the gas tank up? Had the fluids/tires checked? Bought a gas card? I don’t see that as sabotaging anything …..It’s more like making sure my children have a safe vehicle to drive in.It was non-stop chaos all day between both girls……..but believe me when I tell you. Their mouth just got them in serious trouble.


Wasn’t supposed to be drama….but of course why not just end the week with a good slap in the face right? Friday night, I had joked around with the Mister and said “watch, I bet they are going to have a get together/party anyways on Sunday but without us”. Well yesterday that was made true…….but what I didn’t want to believe was that they would go all out and have a party still even after she made a big deal about us going overboard.

I soon found out that friends/family had showed up…..chicken/hot dogs were being served……people brought side dishes……a cake was even bought…..presents given…..happy birthday sung. So everything minus a balloon or two had been done…….just like I had planned and just what she claimed she didn’t want. Then the true reality of the situation came to play…….she just didn’t want me there! 

The why hasn’t been found out yet…….when I made her aware that I knew she had more than a tiny get together and it turned out to be much more she told me that I was “warping” things…..hmmmmm I don’t think so…….how can I anyone misconstrue a party that was full of family and friends, tons of food, cake…..presents…… there’s no misunderstanding that. Even before things went downhill Saturday ……she had plenty of time to call and tell me the party was back on……but she didn’t.

I learned a lot this past week……and both girls will realize the hard way that their choices this past week will have some very hard consequences.

August 20, 2011

Just for the dogs!!!

Seeing that my daughter decided to squash the party/get together that her aunt and I were  throwing for her I  decided to wake up early and hit some garage sales...since I had some extra cash in my pocket.

I found some really cute items for the ones that DON'T talk back....well i can't say that about Lily she will huff and puff and kick her legs out and flop like a fish when she doesn't get her way......Lily is my little furkid by the way.

This is for my fur Grandkid Pepper who we are watching this weekend......her parents still have the same bowl that was given when she was a i thought an upgrade is do.    I picked this up for $1.00

This is also for my fur grandpuppy Pepper.....although she's more a tomboy and hates putting on dresses....shes going to have to put it on for Halloween. Unless i can get it on her before she gets picked up!!! ($2.00)
I found a pirate costume for Lily.....she couldn't wait to put it on!!! She's the diva of the bunch!!! Don't mind the sock in the lower left.....the dogs  are always pulling something out of the hamper!!    ($2.00)
the hat that goes with Lilys costume!!!

Would have been helpful

20 years ago!!!!

August 19, 2011

and The Bullshit Continues

I am so glad this week is over. It’s been one thing after another and the stars of this week are my two daughters. It was suppose to be a wonderful , drama free week but I guess I was sooooo wrong to even assume that could possibly be the case. ….the only thing that I was looking forward to even after all the drama was my daughters 20th birthday party/family get together which was going to be held this Sunday. 

I wanted my daughter to remember this quick visit and why not send her home with memories of family around her celebrating her birthday. So her aunt and I were working together for a couple weeks now coming up with ideas, people to invite, what to serve…….and considering people are on a budget it wasn’t going to be anything extravagant. Streamers, balloons, hanging ceiling decorations….nothing over the top. For food I was thinking pizza and the family members agreed to bring a dish ….sort of pot luck style. Now, the only thing was to get in touch with her father (my ex husband) to collect his half which was $30. 

Seems fair right??

I wasn’t going to ask him to go in half for the decorations….that’s my thing and I enjoy it. It was around 3pm today when I heard from my daughter, stating that this birthday thing is just out of control. “Excuse me?” ……she has not been part of this at all and I’m not stressing about it so why is she? She stated that all she wanted was a BBQ that’s it! and all that needs to be spent is $20. I laughed….I explained that $20 is NOT going to feed even half of her father’s side of the family. She then rudely stated “well I DON’T want Pizza!!! Whats wrong with having a BBQ?”. I explained to her that her father’s side of the family is big, which means we would need a lot of hamburger meat, hot dogs, buns, condiments, chips, sodas….and I’m pretty sure people are going to want more than just 1 hamburger….so to keep the price down I was going to get 4 pizzas, a cake and drinks and people would bring a side dish. “I just don’t want this party anymore, just forget about it I told you I didn’t want a big thing” she yelled. I explained this wasn’t a big thing just family getting together…….she then told me that she just didn’t want to do this anymore and that she will come over Saturday and we can do cake. I calmly said “I will take the decorations back and call your aunt so we can cancel the party”…and hung up.

I held the anger /disappointment and MY TONGUE till I got outside the office and called the Mister. “She doesn’t want to have it, she doesn’t WANT pizza, she doesn’t understand that having a BBQ is going to cost A LOT more than pizza…..ohhh and get this we can have cake on Saturday…..screw the cake! Doesn’t she see that we were doing this for HER?” …..of course I’m leaving out the explicit I would probably be banned from blogger!!  

So I called her aunt and left a message about the cancellation per her nieces request and sent out a bulk text stating that I was sorry for any inconvience that this last minute cancellation  may have caused. 

Ohhh about that cake she thinks she’s going to have when she comes over on Saturday night…….not going to happen.  She’s not going to dictate how she wants to celebrate NOW when we have already talked about this for months…….no sorry. She just doesn’t get it……………she doesn’t see the love that was put behind the planning and family members who were coming to join her …..she doesn’t see the good intention behind the thought that we were going to celebrate her. We don’t see her much during the year because she is in college………… this was more than just a birthday party or family get together …..this was about HER being with us and US celebrating her before she leaves. This was our way of showing her that we are proud of her.


10 day "ME" Challenge - Day 7 Aug 19, 2011

This is kind of a crazy question because normally when you think “what is it that I want?” …. My thoughts go straight to “what do my kids need?” before making any wants of mine complete. So I guess I’m going to just put it out there……… I’m going to dig deep and answer honestly about what it is that I want!!  

I want to lose this weight desperately …… I have put on a good 15+ pounds since last May and I just would like to be able to feel good, feel sexy, feel ME again. I walk, I watch what I eat …….but it’s still hard. So I’m taking cleanses and diet supplements maybe to see some result along with me working out a couple times a week. I know it drives the Mister crazy when I mention something about my weight but again it’s not him stuffing rolls in jeans or praying to God that my work pants won’t be snug…..or looking down at my wrists hoping that they aren’t pudgy. 

I want (thinking thinking thinking…….come on how hard can it be).

I want to not have to live pay check to pay check and have peaceful sleep the night before payday, because normally I’m full of anxiety the night before. It’s not like my check is any different from the previous payday…….but I instantly go into budget mode, paying bills…..sometimes asking for extensions….or being surprised at the last minute that the mister PROMISED TO PAY a bill and didn’t make me aware of it which in turn throws my original budget out the window.

I want to travel and by travel I mean …….getting on a plane and going to a different country for a few weeks or more . I want to experience a different culture, see beautiful landscapes, learn their language, taste their food!! 

I want the drama to stop regarding my 17yr old. I don’t know where she gets off telling me to stay out of her business or having a major attitude or turning things around on me. It’s seriously been unpleasant and I know that I’ve said it before but until she’s living on her own, making her own money and paying her own bills she’s my business… it or not!!

I want to win the lottery. My co-worker and I have to get lucky soon…..we have been playing for years now…….our luck has to pay off soon.

I want my parents to admit their wrong doing, especially my mother! 

And last but not least I want a new wardrobe……….so I guess I need to lose the weight before investing in a new wardrobe…..right?

August 18, 2011

Cart Jacked -- Aug 18, 2011

Have you ever gone shopping to only step away from your shopping cart for a minute and when you return it's gone?

Well ...... this happened to me today and I wasn't too thrilled about it. My grocery shopping was pretty much complete... dog food (check), cereal (check), cheese (check), sausage (check), WINE (check check check). My cart was pretty full by the time I manuvered to the front of the store to the check out .......but I just knew by the look at the lines that I had a good 15 minutes before getting to the front and I really had to "GO to the bathroom" i parked my cart next to an empty check out stand, closest to the bathroom .....i wasn't gone for more than 3-5 minutes and as i was ready to meet up with my shopping cart I see a clerk pushing an overstuffed cart........ wait......those contents at the bottom of my cart are mine.....WHAT THE HECK!! .....I see my wine, dog food, cheese, cereal......."Excuse me that's my cart!" I stated to the stunned clerk...... she turned and said "well I asked around and no one spoke up?"..(like the girl reading up on the latest gossip was going to pull herself away to take notice who is going to the bathroom)....annoyed i said "can't someone go to the bathroom without fear of their cart being taken?" .....she stated she can get my things but I saw my smooched bread and said "don't bother I  will spend another 30 minutes REshopping!".

10 day "ME" Challenge - Day 6 Aug 18, 2011

Now…….I’m not sure if by places it means favorite places I’ve been or places I want to go. So I’m going to do a little of both.
3 places I love

Little Italy, NEW YORK

Santa Barbara California

Being in a bubble bath and soaking away my troubles!!! i really don't remember that last time i took one

Places I want to go



the last is 

To bed………because I’m tired

10 day "ME" Challenge - Day 5 Aug 17, 2011

Favorite Foods!!!!

This is quite easy........

1. I am a meat and potatoes girl

2. Flautas

3. Greenbean casserole and not just any greenbean casserole.....MY greenbean casserole

4. Avocado

5. Salad....any kind will do!!! well except crab salad.....don't care for seafood one bit

10 day "ME" Challenge - Day 4 Aug 16, 2011

My Top 4 Favorite  Books would have to be

A Place of Yes - By Bethenny Frankel
I loved her in the Real Housewifes of New York, I loved her in her own reality show.......and her cut throat tell it as it is book is what ever one needs to read!!

The Other Boylen Girl  - Philippa Gregory
Basically any book in this series is amazing!!! if you want a brief get away without all the mush and flowered fabio romance this author does a great job transporting you to a different time and one hell of an adventure!!

Straight Up and Dirty - Stephanie Klein
Are you missing sex and the city? need a chuckle? well this memoir will rid you of any sex and the city withdrawals!!!  I loved it......I seriously have recommended this book to all my single and post divorce friends and they couldn't put it down.

The Unlikely Spy- Daniel Silva
Again, any book by this author is never a dull read ................action pact is all i can say

August 16, 2011

10 day "ME" Challenge - Movies Aug 15, 2011

I would have to say my 3 favorite films would be

1. Breakfast at Tiffanys (or pretty much any Audrey Heburn movie)

2. When Harry met Sally

3. Pirates of the Caribbean (all movies)

August 14, 2011

New title "Secretary".....who knew? Aug 13, 2011

“You need to stop being his secretary, he needs to grow up!” … this didn’t come from the Mister it came from my 17 year old who  as of late thinks she is an adult and let me just say she’s far from being an adult. She feels entitled, she feels that she is due respect because she will be 18 soon. “Soon” for her is around the corner, “Soon” for me is 6 months….1/2 a year away.

I went through this stage 3 years ago with my oldest daughter so  this isn’t new to me. I understand all 17 year old kids just smell independence when their 18th birthday is just around the corner. I know I thought I knew it all at 17 what teen doesn’t ? and what 17yr old doesn’t drive their parents to the point of truly wanting to  show them what it’s like to be an adult for a day or two. 

Last night while I was attempting to help my son with his project / journal my daughter mouthed off and said “You need to stop being his secretary he needs to grow up, he’s 15”.  ….. A secretary huh?  It was comical to hear my daughter lecture me about  her brother needing to grow up and how I always help him with his school work. ……..It was obvious that she had amnesia or must have hit her head at the water park earlier because she is forgetting that if it wasn’t for ME continuously being on her ASS last year and emailing her teachers, asking for extensions and extra credit work she wouldn’t be graduating this year.  See my daughter seems to forget that I asked her every day if she had homework and on many occasions I would hear “no I don’t have any homework or I did it in class”….it wasn’t until I would log onto the school portal and see that she missed assignments/projects/or failed tests that she claimed she either did or studied for I would see what direction she was taking. 

The difference between my son and my daughter is that my son will come home sit at the table and do his homework and if he has questions he will wait for me to get home so I can help him…….my daughter well when she decides to do an assignment she will claim that she has it covered. So during this “lecture” my daughter was giving she threw out that I do his work for him…  when it comes to Math my son “gets it” when it comes to English and trying to understand symbolism well he gets a bit frustrated and that’s where I come in…….I don’t give him the answer I break down the paragraph so he can have a better understanding where the author is coming from, I will then ask him questions that pull the answers out of him…….then “he gets it”.  

The argument was going nowhere…..and she knew it. She knew she wasn’t having any effect of me because her telling her brother to grow up was just her looking straight in the mirror. She hasn’t done anything to show me that she is mature, there's excuse after excuse to why she can’t look for work, she wants this or she wants that and who does she ask????  Me…….because she states her dad has no money and I somehow can pull money out my ass!!, she will pout if she doesn’t get her way…..she’s a typical teenager….but mature she isn’t. ……..but if she wants to be treated like an adult she will have a rude awakening!!  

 ~~~~~stay tuned!!

10 Day "Me" Challenge - Day 2- Aug 14, 2011

On the second day of the "you" challenge and today I get get to share two songs .......well the first song is from the past. This song I can name in "2 bars" (for those who remember Name That Tune)!!! This song for me is "The 80's" and brings back those memories of neon,rubber bracelets, jelly shoes and my friends from catholic school.

Take on Me from A-ha

and second

On The Floor by Jennifer Lopez

it's just simple why I like this song....1. I just love Jennifer Lopez and 2. hearing this song on the radio first thing in the morning on my way to work can just shake any tiredness out of pretty much has the same effect that any Prince song from the 80's can do to me!!

August 13, 2011

For me ? you shouldn't have ...... he didn't.....Aug 13,2011

When the mister came home last night he came into the room and said to me “look what I got for YOU”, now you see I emphasized YOU.  I was a bit touched by what he was holding in his hand…….which was a nice big bag of twizzlers. Now to some that may not mean much but to me I love twizzlers so imagine my shock when he started to rip the bag open and grab a handful of twizzlers…….mind you he just came from the store and bought cookies and ice cream to satisfy his sweet tooth. 

“Excuse me I thought you said those were mine?” …….he replied “Yeah but I’m going to give some to the kids?” …..a bit annoyed I said “you just bought cookies and ice cream for you and the kids and you just said that those were mine?”.  I can’t recall if he said anything after the fact…. I think I was in a twizzler fog due to the recent twizzler bamboozle. ….all I remember is seeing him head to the kitchen with a handful of MY twizzlers. 

Now, I’m all about sharing, I share all the time…’s a prerequisite when you become a mom, I don’t remember anytime I told my children “No you can’t have that fry…it’s mine!!!  …..but it’s just that he said he bought them for me. It would have been different if he just said “I picked up some twizzlers for us” I wouldn’t have assumed the bag was my special snack. So I guess his sweet twizzler surprise wasn’t sooooo sweet after all. ……………..but it didn’t keep me from having a few before bedtime!!

10 Day "ME" Challenge - Aug 13,2011

Yesterday I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs and normally one blog will lead me to another blog and then another and before I know it  I get totally immersed in the blogging world......and then I came across Sounds Like Crazy and an amazing challenge which I have decided to take on. Starting........Today!

Day One : One picture of myself!

So this is and the Misters arm.......Hopefully you will join me on this challenge and share it with me, send me your link so I can check it out and comment!!

August 12, 2011

Friday Five

  • So we completed the first week of school and by WE I mean my son and daughter. There was no whining or crazy clothes crisis that needed extinguishing, no one was late and assignments were done. I did send out an email to all my daughters teachers and introduced myself and in a roundabout way explained that we will be in contact throughout the year and as it turns out …..4 out of 6 teachers will be getting an F for non-participation!!! A reply would have been nice! 

  • Speaking of school I was suppose to start next week but thanks to good old Social Security and FASFA my new married name wasn’t updated correctly, so I foresee a trip to the social security office with marriage license, drivers license and paperwork in tow!! So hopefully  I can start up in a week or two.

  • Apparently it’s ok to wear your daughters mini skirt to work without having to worry about being sent home. …..and no it wasn’t me…..I wouldn’t dare inflict that on anyone!!!  Earlier this week a co-worker decided to raise some eyebrows with her recent decision to change up her wardrobe and come in wearing a mini skirt…….I’m thinking she got lost on her way to her closet and ended up in her daughters closet instead. News on the floor is that she’s over her divorce and ready to play….obviously. My opinion ……. At her age showing that much skin and that much leg at her age is just not right and it’s not like there is anyone here to impress anyways, in a room of 40 plus women there are 3 men….2 of which are happily married and 1 well just isn’t worth even discussing.

  • Only 3 more days till I get to pick up my daughter from the airport. She decided pretty much a month ago that she wanted to surprise her family with a visit before another long year away at school….see decided to spend her summer up at my parents house in Wisconsin and found a job she adored…anyways. At first it was only me that knew… was the secret among secrets!! and certainly hard to keep but then she decided to tell everyone except her father and younger sisters. Although she will only be here for one week it will be nice to see her before she heads off for another year at school.

  • Now……. Number 5 is short and sweet……..
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

August 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Dart,Pepper,Hulky and Boots

This post is about a month late so I apologize. 

July 20th I threw a party…..and it wasn’t just ANY party. It was a party to celebrate Dart,Hulk,Pepper and Boots 1st birthday! You got it I through my grand puppies a birthday party. Yes I know to some this may be crazy and a waste of time but to me and other doggie lovers this is something we do……..PLUS Lily had a pretty traumatic delivery, she was able to deliver one on her own (which I was there to cut the umbilical cord) but she had to have a C-Section to remove the other little guys and of course I was a mess!!!So to prepare for the big day I made a cake……a whole wheat peanut butter carrot cake which they LOVED!! 

Milky Bones with peanut butter yogurt w/ sprinkles

Peanut butter carrot cake w/ yogurt frosting ....that's not chocolate just food coloring
Dart and Hulk enjoying their cake

Peanut Butter Doggy Cake

1 cup WHOLE WHEAT flour (don’t use white flour it will hurt our little ones tummy)
1 teaspoon of baking soda
Mix those two together, put aside
In another bowl combine:
1 egg
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup shredded carrots
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
¾ cup of vegetable oil
1 tablespoon of cinnamon
Then combine all together w/ the wet mixture…………… will NOT be the same consistency of regular cake mixture but you can eat it.
Oven at 350 for 40 minutes
Depending on the size of your cake pan you may want to double this recipe, I had to. 


I used a large container of Vanilla Yogurt…you can you plain yogurt but my furkids LOVED the sweetness of the vanilla………mix about ¾ of a cup of peanut butter with it …this will keep the yogurt from sliding all over the place…….put in the fridge while the cake cools.
Just remember this isn’t like regular frosting… is a pain to work with but the end result is priceless. Seeing your furkids enjoy their treat makes you forget that you almost lost it a few minutes ago when you were working with the frosting!!! Hahahahahah
*** Just give them a little slice at a time…..just to see how they handle it…….refrigerate afterwards

August 10, 2011

Giggles and Church don't mix -writing prompt

When my sister and I were young we would have to attend Catholic Church with my mother. We got the typical warning “you better behave….or else!!” the OR ELSE was code for …..If you act up you will see the fate of your dads’ belt on your backside!  

As a child sitting through a catholic service it could be at times be ruthless. Hard pews, the smell of jean na’te pouring out of the pores of the old lady sitting in front of us, babies crying, stand up-sit down-kneel-stand up…..time for prayer.  At this time we would have to recite the “Our Father”, I would grab my sisters’ hand and then ………..the game began.  She would squeeze my hand, I would squeeze back harder and we would go back and forth until someone cracked or …….we ended up squeezing someone else’s hand on accident. Sometimes one of us would squeeze so hard that a little “yelp” would peep out of our mouth and we would get that look…………….you know that look, it’s the same “I’m going to give you something to cry about if you don’t knock it off” look we give our own children. Even though our game would stop we continued to stare each other down and normally I would be the one that couldn’t keep from giggling and then the giggling would turn into that laughter that I would try to hold in until I couldn’t hold it in any longer and then the tears would come and my stomach would hurt all the while knowing my fate was to see the fate of the belt or hear those 2 all time common words. “YOU’RE GROUNDED”

Young, in love and .......stupid.

My 17 year old has been dating the same guy for about a month and in my opinion I was very impressed with this boy. He had goals and knew where he was headed in life. Now did you catch the word “HAD” in my last sentence? He had planned to go into the airforce and was set to go later this year but now I guess there is a hang up and as of very recently ( yesterday) he told me that he has decided to go into the Navy with my daughter.

Here's my problem, my daughter just started her senior year and will not be heading off anywhere until after graduation. He graduated last year and is living at home. I envision this boy just chilling at home, taking care of his sister and grandfather for a year, until my daughter graduates to start his life.  I asked Jerry what his plans were for the next year and quickly he responded that he was going to the local college, apply for aid and move out. Knowing that the deadline has passed to get into any classes or even to submit for aid I asked if he was planning on going this winter. He had no answer…….I seriously think he didn’t do the proper research and I think he realized 1. I’m not stupid and 2. He didn’t think his plans all the way through.

I put it out there to my daughter that she really needs to put the idea in his head that he needs to do something during this year if he does decide to wait for her to graduate but for someone to hold off on a career choice or life venture for a year is kind of crazy. Of course she had a response...... when doesn’t a teen have a response? right? She asked why I was in his business and I clearly said “you are MY business, he tells me his business therefore bottom line this is my business”. She told me that he has been looking for a job but of course she tells me no one is hiring which is not true…….there are plenty of openings now because kids are going to back to school and college kids are heading back to college.

Personally I don’t think it’s heathly for some young guy to wait to start his life when he has only been with someone a month and just grow complacent in his life NOW. I know that his home life is one that would bring anyone to sign up and get out into the world but ……… there's something holding him back.........the love for my daughter.