August 19, 2011

10 day "ME" Challenge - Day 7 Aug 19, 2011

This is kind of a crazy question because normally when you think “what is it that I want?” …. My thoughts go straight to “what do my kids need?” before making any wants of mine complete. So I guess I’m going to just put it out there……… I’m going to dig deep and answer honestly about what it is that I want!!  

I want to lose this weight desperately …… I have put on a good 15+ pounds since last May and I just would like to be able to feel good, feel sexy, feel ME again. I walk, I watch what I eat …….but it’s still hard. So I’m taking cleanses and diet supplements maybe to see some result along with me working out a couple times a week. I know it drives the Mister crazy when I mention something about my weight but again it’s not him stuffing rolls in jeans or praying to God that my work pants won’t be snug…..or looking down at my wrists hoping that they aren’t pudgy. 

I want (thinking thinking thinking…….come on how hard can it be).

I want to not have to live pay check to pay check and have peaceful sleep the night before payday, because normally I’m full of anxiety the night before. It’s not like my check is any different from the previous payday…….but I instantly go into budget mode, paying bills…..sometimes asking for extensions….or being surprised at the last minute that the mister PROMISED TO PAY a bill and didn’t make me aware of it which in turn throws my original budget out the window.

I want to travel and by travel I mean …….getting on a plane and going to a different country for a few weeks or more . I want to experience a different culture, see beautiful landscapes, learn their language, taste their food!! 

I want the drama to stop regarding my 17yr old. I don’t know where she gets off telling me to stay out of her business or having a major attitude or turning things around on me. It’s seriously been unpleasant and I know that I’ve said it before but until she’s living on her own, making her own money and paying her own bills she’s my business… it or not!!

I want to win the lottery. My co-worker and I have to get lucky soon…..we have been playing for years now…….our luck has to pay off soon.

I want my parents to admit their wrong doing, especially my mother! 

And last but not least I want a new wardrobe……….so I guess I need to lose the weight before investing in a new wardrobe…..right?