August 18, 2011

10 day "ME" Challenge - Day 4 Aug 16, 2011

My Top 4 Favorite  Books would have to be

A Place of Yes - By Bethenny Frankel
I loved her in the Real Housewifes of New York, I loved her in her own reality show.......and her cut throat tell it as it is book is what ever one needs to read!!

The Other Boylen Girl  - Philippa Gregory
Basically any book in this series is amazing!!! if you want a brief get away without all the mush and flowered fabio romance this author does a great job transporting you to a different time and one hell of an adventure!!

Straight Up and Dirty - Stephanie Klein
Are you missing sex and the city? need a chuckle? well this memoir will rid you of any sex and the city withdrawals!!!  I loved it......I seriously have recommended this book to all my single and post divorce friends and they couldn't put it down.

The Unlikely Spy- Daniel Silva
Again, any book by this author is never a dull read ................action pact is all i can say