August 18, 2011

Cart Jacked -- Aug 18, 2011

Have you ever gone shopping to only step away from your shopping cart for a minute and when you return it's gone?

Well ...... this happened to me today and I wasn't too thrilled about it. My grocery shopping was pretty much complete... dog food (check), cereal (check), cheese (check), sausage (check), WINE (check check check). My cart was pretty full by the time I manuvered to the front of the store to the check out .......but I just knew by the look at the lines that I had a good 15 minutes before getting to the front and I really had to "GO to the bathroom" i parked my cart next to an empty check out stand, closest to the bathroom .....i wasn't gone for more than 3-5 minutes and as i was ready to meet up with my shopping cart I see a clerk pushing an overstuffed cart........ wait......those contents at the bottom of my cart are mine.....WHAT THE HECK!! .....I see my wine, dog food, cheese, cereal......."Excuse me that's my cart!" I stated to the stunned clerk...... she turned and said "well I asked around and no one spoke up?"..(like the girl reading up on the latest gossip was going to pull herself away to take notice who is going to the bathroom)....annoyed i said "can't someone go to the bathroom without fear of their cart being taken?" .....she stated she can get my things but I saw my smooched bread and said "don't bother I  will spend another 30 minutes REshopping!".