August 14, 2011

New title "Secretary".....who knew? Aug 13, 2011

“You need to stop being his secretary, he needs to grow up!” … this didn’t come from the Mister it came from my 17 year old who  as of late thinks she is an adult and let me just say she’s far from being an adult. She feels entitled, she feels that she is due respect because she will be 18 soon. “Soon” for her is around the corner, “Soon” for me is 6 months….1/2 a year away.

I went through this stage 3 years ago with my oldest daughter so  this isn’t new to me. I understand all 17 year old kids just smell independence when their 18th birthday is just around the corner. I know I thought I knew it all at 17 what teen doesn’t ? and what 17yr old doesn’t drive their parents to the point of truly wanting to  show them what it’s like to be an adult for a day or two. 

Last night while I was attempting to help my son with his project / journal my daughter mouthed off and said “You need to stop being his secretary he needs to grow up, he’s 15”.  ….. A secretary huh?  It was comical to hear my daughter lecture me about  her brother needing to grow up and how I always help him with his school work. ……..It was obvious that she had amnesia or must have hit her head at the water park earlier because she is forgetting that if it wasn’t for ME continuously being on her ASS last year and emailing her teachers, asking for extensions and extra credit work she wouldn’t be graduating this year.  See my daughter seems to forget that I asked her every day if she had homework and on many occasions I would hear “no I don’t have any homework or I did it in class”….it wasn’t until I would log onto the school portal and see that she missed assignments/projects/or failed tests that she claimed she either did or studied for I would see what direction she was taking. 

The difference between my son and my daughter is that my son will come home sit at the table and do his homework and if he has questions he will wait for me to get home so I can help him…….my daughter well when she decides to do an assignment she will claim that she has it covered. So during this “lecture” my daughter was giving she threw out that I do his work for him…  when it comes to Math my son “gets it” when it comes to English and trying to understand symbolism well he gets a bit frustrated and that’s where I come in…….I don’t give him the answer I break down the paragraph so he can have a better understanding where the author is coming from, I will then ask him questions that pull the answers out of him…….then “he gets it”.  

The argument was going nowhere…..and she knew it. She knew she wasn’t having any effect of me because her telling her brother to grow up was just her looking straight in the mirror. She hasn’t done anything to show me that she is mature, there's excuse after excuse to why she can’t look for work, she wants this or she wants that and who does she ask????  Me…….because she states her dad has no money and I somehow can pull money out my ass!!, she will pout if she doesn’t get her way…..she’s a typical teenager….but mature she isn’t. ……..but if she wants to be treated like an adult she will have a rude awakening!!  

 ~~~~~stay tuned!!