May 29, 2011

Drew a Blogger Blank

It’s not like I had nothing to blog about it’s been quite a busy month. It’s just trying to find the time to sit in complete silence and type out a few blogs of pure witty genius and it’s not quite working out at this moment either. I have two dogs wrestling on top of me begging for attention……’s like the last hour of ball throwing and stuffed animal fetching wasn’t enough for them.

Like I said this month as been quite busy…….

The Mister has been recovering from his surgery and from what I had been told he was only going to be out of work for 3 weeks. Imagine my surprise when I found out that he was to be out of work for a total of a month and a half…….and he had a whole month to go. OK, so money would be a little tight but that would also give him the opportunity to get his resume updated and look for something better ……considering he had been complaining that he wasn’t getting the hours that he wanted and was talking about looking for something different while he was recovering.  He would also be like Mr.Mom….the house would be cleaned, laundry done and kids homework completed. Well……let me just share with you that in the month and a half that he has been home his resume hasn’t been updated and as far as looking for something better. That didn’t happen. As far as the house being cleaned all the time……..well that was asking for too much. 

My daughter was on the verge of not making it to senior year. Normally when a teen starts dating you would find that their grades would slide downwards because they are just consumed with the person that has their attention. This wasn’t the case for my daughter when she was dating her boyfriend her grades were incredible, but when she decided to break up with him because she was tired of all the drama her grades went from awesome to gruesome. She just didn’t care she made excuses for her grades…..the best one was when I told her about her D’s and she would try to tell “Mom….i have a high D not a low D”, so I started to email her teachers daily, viewed the student portal to make sure she turned in homework and did well on tests. So with enough threatening my daughters grades went from D’s and F’s to C’s,B’s and 1 A.  So she’ll head on over to Senior year with no fear of not graduating on time.

Work is well… I wish at times there wouldn’t be so much drama but I guess if you work with 40 plus women there is bound to be the clash of the estrogen, but I’m thankful that I have a job.  The only thing that I have a hard time with is still the absence of one of my closest friends…..well ex close friend. By absent I don’t mean she no longer works there she just has decided to stop talking to me all together. We were always close until I got moved to a different position and had to work with a different group of women, but I never ignored her and still wanted to do things after work but that’s when the excuses started. Then our daily walks stopped. Everything stopped. The Mister didn’t understand it and would constantly tell me to call her……but he just doesn’t get it. It wasn’t from the lack of me trying to save the friendship but I won’t beg someone for their friendship. I know she had a problem with some of the girls I worked with but I felt she shouldn’t judge them without getting to know them.  A couple times she told me that she felt disconnected because I sit on the opposite side of the office now with the new girls. I couldn’t say anything or do anything to change her way of thinking just because I sit on the opposite side of the office shouldn’t mean adios on a friendship. Now    at times work can be a little awkward and somewhat disappointing but what can I do?   

May 06, 2011

Shoo fly don't bother me - Cubeville

There’s always one!! That one in the work place that just won’t mind their own business, the one that if you want the WHOLE office to know your business you tell them  and if you don’t you just make sure you are far away from THAT person when you are sharing your business with a fellow coworker. 

Our new office is designed to where everyone is in the same area. There is no special area to divide departments. We are just out in the open, small cubicles situated in 4 rows of 10 and with my luck the busy body is smack dab across from me!!  But since we are not in the same department I felt alright with her being so close… there wouldn’t be any sabotage of jobs like there was back in 2008 when I was in the same department as her and she was out to just get everyone.  

Imagine my shock earlier this week when I was just completing my call and she stopped me on the way to the printer to “talk about” how I handled my call. Seriously?? All I am thinking is “you are NOT my lead, you are NOT my supervisor….now step off”. I didn’t do anything wrong with my call, which I stated to her in a nice way. 

Today as I was finishing my notes pertaining to a call that I just had I get an email from the busy body apologizing for butting in but…….then she tells me how I could have dealt with that call to make the patient understand better. SERIOUSLY?? Twice in one week……STAY IN YOUR LANE !!!!  this was a good size email explaining certain ways I could have explained to the client to have him/her understand better.  I quickly exited the email and sat at my desk fuming. She has no idea about the call, she wasn’t part of the conversation and seriously….she’s not in my department.  

A coworker told me to kill her with kindness and reply “Thank you”. Maybe it’s the german and Mexican in me or the fact that I’m a Capricorn but I’m not about to kill anyone with kindness. I’m about minding your own business and if it doesn’t pertain to you then mind your own business. I guess I also feel strongly about this situation because this person just can’t leave people alone. I’ve seen her sabotage peoples positions because she just didn’t care for them and of course she’s done enough ass kissing that her say to the supervisors works!!! It’s sad!!!