September 27, 2011

No means....NO.....not ask me in 5 minutes

Unbeknownst to me I have a money tree in my backyard and I have a dead rich uncle because my daughter seems to think that I have money coming out of my ass. ………..and the last time I checked the leaves are just LEAVES, I have no dead rich uncles and nothing is coming out of my ass except for well…..the obvious.

I love hearing “I never ask for anything” before she asks for something, but what she doesn’t recall is she has been asking to go to a senior trip that is going to cost over $2500 and that was a big “UHM no I don’t think so”, then it was a summer at my sisters place in Illinois which can be done, but this week is “Can you get me a gym membership”. First off, if anyone is going back to the gym it’s me and if I’m going to be paying for a gym membership and driving to the gym I better be included.
I basically told her umpteen times last night and this morning that I have no extra money to put towards this gym membership and if I did then I wouldn’t have a problem, but with each NO and explanation I gave her came a whiney request. This girl has some balls to keep pestering me…..I told her that she can run around the block, use our stationary bike, use the 25 exercise DVD’s that are gathering dust…..of course to these suggestions she stated “It’s boring”.  I told her “wait till Christmas”……and of course that wasn’t good enough. “I can’t wait till Christmas; I need to lose 50 pounds before the end of school its A NEED not a want”. 

Seriously!!! …… at this point and 6 text messages later (this morning) I about had it with her reasoning. I explained to her that this is not a NEED and if she wanted to lose the weight she can stay after school and use the gym there or run on the track and watch what she eats, or join me for runs/walks with the dogs but that request always gets a “uhmmmm no I don’t think so”.  I explained to her that if she continued to bring this subject up she WILL get in serious trouble, if she wants this badly enough she can get a job so she can fund the monthly payments towards a gym membership because right now I’m busy paying off her senior pictures!

Welcome to my vent corner......want to vent??

I've kept my mouth shut for weeks ......but now I need to let it out and the only place I can let it out is here in my little corner, because if I express it to the Mister he will most likely say it's not true or it will just end up in a full on fight and personally I really don't want to get into a full blown fight 2 weeks before our 1 year anniversary.

I don't know what it is but every time his boys come over he seriously becomes a major as at times. It's in his tone, the way he comes at me with an answer. I'm not sure if he does this to show he's the MAN or to show his boys the he has "balls". Like tonight at dinner he "scolded me" in front of his boys and my son and yes I could have continued going at it like he does with my children , I  could have brought up the fact that if I EVEN told him that he was wrong in the situations of the past it would be my head that was served up on a platter for dinner........but I kept my mouth shut because one I already knew how this would be played out and two this has been a common thing with him when his boys come over. 

The funny thing is when his boys aren't here he seldom acts like an ass, he's sweet and kind.....but when they are around he hardens up and his responses are short and crude.........I choose my battles and this one is a waste of time. So I will drink my glass of wine....................roll my eyes and work on my classwork.

......whats your vent for the day????

September 26, 2011

Beware.......I'm not my sweet self

I’m pmsing ….. how do I know?? Well…….my desire for sweets has been overwhelming but I did say no to the box donuts that sat in the break room ALL day, I shed tears during animal hoarders on Saturday, my patience is running thin, the migraine yesterday is a sign IT was on it's way and I’m so close to telling Ms. Twig here at work to shut the f*&k up and toss the report that I am working on for Ms. “Can’t stand up for myself” back on her desk. It took every ounce of me to just keep from going up to her and say "I know it was you and NOT ________ who has an issue with helping YOUR own team with calls but you have no problem with having YOUR team help you catch up on reports that YOU are so behind on"

September 25, 2011

A visit from my fur grandpuppies

You read that right......I'm really lucky that Lilys pups went out to my co-workers who allow me to see them and puppy sit them from time to time. Today, they came over for some play time.......

Dart , Pepper, Hulk (Today)
From the back.....Lily (mommy), Pepper (kissing mom), Dart and Hulk
Giving Hulky kisses

September 18, 2011

Garage sale find = kitchen demolition

Who knew a garage sale find would turn into a kitchen remodel!!

We tore down this cabinet in the kitchen

which totally left this gawd awful holes on the ceiling and wall
So we took out some paint......patched up some holes and just in a few hours.......we got to bring in our garage sale find.
now........we need a smaller black. I LOVE my bakers rack and our spacious kitchen


Friday was a day that left me thinking "SERIOUSLY?" .....heres why.

Me: good morning, can I get your account number please
Patient : I need to talk to a live person
Me: I’m sorry did you say you need to speak to a live person? ( hmmm last time I checked I was breathing and my voice isn’t computerized, so WTF?)
Patient: Yes, I want to speak to someone face to face.
Me: Ohhh ok here is the address to our business office ……………….

Me: Good Morning can I please get your account number
Patient : Well, I’m just calling because I have a bill and I have insurance
Me: Your account balance shows a zero balance
Patient : Then why do I have this bill?
ME: what is the date of the statement?
Patient: The due date is May 26th.
Me: Miss it’s September 16th you have an old statement. Please disregard the statement, the balance is zero.
Patient: what do you mean disregard the statement
ME: you can toss the statement in the trash, file it away, do what you like with it, the balance is zero!
Patient: so I don’t have to worry about this then right?
ME: (are you kidding me right now!!!) yes your balance is zero, please don’t worry about the statement.

September 12, 2011

Message from Cubeville-What NOT to text your girlfriend

While working on my latest  assignment in the lunch room a co-workers phone kept going off, she looked just as annoyed as I did by the 5th “ding” from her cell. She looked up at me and said “It’s all about his penis….penis this, penis that.” This is something you never hear in the lunch room, well I haven’t.... I’m just lucky to hear about someones latest old women surgery or the latest on grandkids. 

I pushed aside my work which was her cue to talk. She then explained that his way of romancing her is through texts about his penis. “it’s hard just thinking of you”, “It can’t wait until your riding it”. “it wants to feel you”……I start laughing because the way she was telling the situation was like the penis was another person. She told me that this was his way of being romantic but all it was doing was turning her off completely and she didn't want to get near him. I then blurted out “he needs to step away from his member…’s not all about the penis doesn’t he get that?”. She explained that there has been countless conversations regarding his new found love for his penis.  “new found love for it? Did he hate it before”, we all started laughing at how ridiculous this conversation started to become. 

She expressed that all she would like is for his messages to be of some substance unrelated to his member, unrelated to sex period because all his “below the belt” talk is making her feel like she’s with a 20 something year old and she closed that chapter along time ago. “Why can’t he just say he’s thinking of me and not his penis”…….i looked over with a sarcastic grin and said “well he just doesn’t know which head to think from he’s just a bit confused but you have to somehow put the penis talk to rest!!” 

I gathered up my stuff and chuckled the whole way back to my desk.......messages with substance.....hmmmm well that's a thought!

September 10, 2011

Are you a Scary Mommy?

While I was blog surfing I came across a tag for scary mommy, curious I clicked on it and found out that not only is it a blog but a confessional as well. Wow….a mommy confessional who would have thought? Just random  anonymous vents pertaining to their day…..kid problems, spouse issues, life stress it’s all out there and it’s not all negative rants about the husband these posts are honest and heartfelt too. For example there was a post from a mother who shared she is cancer free. This site has now become a daily read it somehow makes me feel that I’m not the only out there that is having the same problem. Did I mention you can get it on your Iphone, reading some of the confessions sure makes my break go by fast!! 

Gentle Cleanse? i don't think so

There's no such thing as a GENTLE's all lies and nothing about what I am going through is anything but gentle!!!

September 07, 2011

Decisions Decisions

I just got back from a brief trip to see my sister and I had a fabulous time.  3 ½ days just to myself although I did make the occasional call to the mister to check on the house and of course the fur kids…mainly Lily who hasn’t been away from me more than a couple of days and from what I heard she was a bit peeved about me not coming home at the normal time.

I’m not sure about you but I love flying but I love flying when I can have the window seat and not have to worry about having to get up when someone needs to use the bathroom and I don’t have to worry about invading someone’s space or having my space invaded by two people. Normally when I fly I come prepared with magazines and one book but more times than none I try and catch up on sleep which is really hard to do when I’m stuck between two people.

I flew southwest and if you have ever flown on this airline you pretty much get to choose your seat when you get on board. If you happen to be in section C which means you are last to board you basically know that all the good seats are taken so you can kiss any chance for a window seat goodbye. This is what happened to me both times and each time there I am scanning the rows. I have few things I look for and given the fact that I was sick I didn’t feel like chatting it up, so I was looking for those that didn’t have a cherry “come sit here” smile because I’ve fallen for that just thinking they were friendly and all I ended up hearing was about her sorority days at Kama Kappa “who gives a shit”, how she was going to visit her sorority sisters and how she went on some extreme diet so she could look her best. So I bypassed anyone who fit that description, I also passed by those businessmen who brought their office with them because 9 times out of 10 he would be juggling a laptop, folders, a few pen’s and papers. I sought after the quiet, shy types who wouldn’t even start up a conversation with George Clooney if he was sitting next to them; I was looking for those who were engrossed in a thick book who wouldn’t want to be bothered by conversation.

I thought I did a good job  on my way to Chicago but what I forgot to think about was who was sitting in front of me and behind me. In front of me was a 20 something girl who could pretty much be a member of Laguna beach who happened to find her way next to some guy who could  have been a member of some MTV reality show and boy oh boy the chatted it up from the time they buckled their seat belts till they  landed. By the look and actions of the girl I had a feeling she was hoping to become a member of the mile high club. Did I mention she had just met him? Then behind me was the sorority girl who couldn’t wait to share with the lucky girls seated next to her all about her lawyer fiancĂ© and their upcoming wedding. I did hear one of the girls ask about her soon to be in-laws and sorority girl could wait to bash them with her southern accent.

On my way back my choice in seats was very limited so I found a place to stow my bag and plopped down between a person with a book and an older gentlemen who looked like he didn’t want to be bothered. Once I buckled up and viewed my surroundings I noticed that the man was holding a ceramic mug tightly. Strange, I thought but disregarded it as a gift for someone. I was wrong. After trying to sleep during my flight I kept getting interrupted by him flagging down the airline staff for more coffee and do you think he used their cups? Nope. He poured his coffee in the ceramic mug. Ok to each his own until the coffee caught up with him and had to disturb me and the book lady 4 times during a 4 hour flight. 

So the next time I decide to fly I will try my best to book early on southwest or try for another airline where I can reserve a window seat.