August 23, 2011

Weekend In Review

In an earlier blog I wrote about how my oldest chose to forgo her birthday party because she felt it was becoming over the top…….she stated she didn’t want a cake, balloons, streamers and PIZZA….she also felt that all we would need to spend is $20 which wouldn’t even feed ¼ of the people that were planning on arriving. Well, I didn’t hear from her that night and knowing she was attending the local fair with her aunt and uncle I just kept my mouth shut and was going to deal with her in due time.


My oldest had planned to take her sister, brother, her sister’s boyfriend and uncle to the beach and it was planned that she was going to take my car. I knew that they were leaving at noon so I got up early made sure the car had a full tank of gas, I was planning on taking it for an oil change and to check all the fluids and tires…..I wanted to make sure the car was all ready for their little trek to the beach but as I was taking the mister to work the oldest called in a demanding tone “WHEN ARE YOU DROPPING OFF THE CAR?”……hmmm “ Good Morning to you too” I thought….I explained to her that I was dropping the Mister off then picking her brother up from football practice, getting the car checked and then I will bring the car over. She threw a major fit. She said she was going to pick up her brother and that I don’t have to get the oil and tires checked. I explained the plans again and all I got was attitude. She then stated that I just didn’t want them to go and that their plans were getting ruined. “How am I ruining your plans? You will get the car by noon…..the tank is full of gas, the tires and fluids will be checked and you will have a gas card so you can use it instead of your money on the return back” she continued getting mouthy and had the nerve to ask what my problem was……….in just a few seconds it took me from holding my tongue to realize what an ungrateful person she has become to letting her have it. I told her how I felt about her cancelling a party that everyone had been planning on attending and then heres the shocker she said “well people are still coming over and we are just going to all hang out and go swimming?” ……I asked when this was decided and she said Friday and that it was just going to be simple. It  hit me that I wasn’t even going to be invited, she was going to take my car to the beach expect  a cake on her return and then have her little shindig at her aunts/grandmas house on Sunday. I was beyond livid and as she’s yelling at me regarding the car/beach I disconnected the call because when she refuses to let me talk about I’m getting disrespected than I don’t need to hear it. She called again……I asked “can I talk?” she started yelling…….Disconnect. The next call was her saying that she wasn’t going to the beach. “Fine that’s your choice”.

Later on that day I was told her father that my oldest stated that I sabotaged the beach trip. I told him that if that was the cause would I have filled the gas tank up? Had the fluids/tires checked? Bought a gas card? I don’t see that as sabotaging anything …..It’s more like making sure my children have a safe vehicle to drive in.It was non-stop chaos all day between both girls……..but believe me when I tell you. Their mouth just got them in serious trouble.


Wasn’t supposed to be drama….but of course why not just end the week with a good slap in the face right? Friday night, I had joked around with the Mister and said “watch, I bet they are going to have a get together/party anyways on Sunday but without us”. Well yesterday that was made true…….but what I didn’t want to believe was that they would go all out and have a party still even after she made a big deal about us going overboard.

I soon found out that friends/family had showed up…..chicken/hot dogs were being served……people brought side dishes……a cake was even bought…..presents given…..happy birthday sung. So everything minus a balloon or two had been done…….just like I had planned and just what she claimed she didn’t want. Then the true reality of the situation came to play…….she just didn’t want me there! 

The why hasn’t been found out yet…….when I made her aware that I knew she had more than a tiny get together and it turned out to be much more she told me that I was “warping” things…..hmmmmm I don’t think so…….how can I anyone misconstrue a party that was full of family and friends, tons of food, cake…..presents…… there’s no misunderstanding that. Even before things went downhill Saturday ……she had plenty of time to call and tell me the party was back on……but she didn’t.

I learned a lot this past week……and both girls will realize the hard way that their choices this past week will have some very hard consequences.