August 20, 2011

Just for the dogs!!!

Seeing that my daughter decided to squash the party/get together that her aunt and I were  throwing for her I  decided to wake up early and hit some garage sales...since I had some extra cash in my pocket.

I found some really cute items for the ones that DON'T talk back....well i can't say that about Lily she will huff and puff and kick her legs out and flop like a fish when she doesn't get her way......Lily is my little furkid by the way.

This is for my fur Grandkid Pepper who we are watching this weekend......her parents still have the same bowl that was given when she was a i thought an upgrade is do.    I picked this up for $1.00

This is also for my fur grandpuppy Pepper.....although she's more a tomboy and hates putting on dresses....shes going to have to put it on for Halloween. Unless i can get it on her before she gets picked up!!! ($2.00)
I found a pirate costume for Lily.....she couldn't wait to put it on!!! She's the diva of the bunch!!! Don't mind the sock in the lower left.....the dogs  are always pulling something out of the hamper!!    ($2.00)
the hat that goes with Lilys costume!!!