March 24, 2011

About to pull the plug on Skype

Skyping has been a very handy tool in our family. We are able to connect with our oldest daughter in college and bring her to the dinner table while we are having dinner. Personally I don’t skype, besides connecting to my daughter I don’t venture out in the skyping world and meet new people. I really didn’t think there was a skyping lounge that fellow skypers can connect with one another. I wonder if it’s like yahoo chat, because back in the day ….when the kids were young and newly divorced, I was a big yahooer and wow what an interesting world that was. That’s when I realized the person that you may be chatting with isn’t what they portray themselves to be.

So when my 17 yr old daughter jumped into the skyping world I would monitor who she was talking to and for the most part she’s talking to her friends from school or her sister, but now she’s throwing out names that  I never heard of and when I ask who this boy may be  she tells me she met him on skype. When I start throwing out the 20 questions she calls me paranoid. Paranoid? No little lady I’m just a bit wiser than you. I explained to her that the person on the other end my say he’s 17 or 18 but it could be some old wrinkly old man who is just praying on young naive girls just for his pure satisfaction. She then laughs and tells me that she’s seen pictures, but I continue on and say that was probably a picture of his himself 30 years ago or some picture he pulled offline. To her I’m being over protective, but I’ve seen enough shows on tv where they capture these man that think they are chatting with a teenage girl, I see reports come through my desk about girls being hurt by men. I try to scare my daughter with stories of putting too much trust in a guy she’s chatting with I know she’s listening but I’m about fed up with this skyping world and will be pulling the plug soon!!