March 23, 2011

Rocky Candy Music & More

Ever wonder what happened to your favorite record that you would play over and over again back in the day? Yeah I know now a days you can find all your favorites either online or on a CD…….but the smell and sound of a vinyl can’t compare to the smell and sound of a CD, right?. The smell can bring back memories and for me hearing Rick Springfields “Jessies Girl or Don’t talk to Strangers” takes me to when I was a little girl in pig tails singing and dancing in my room  or when I see the Go Go’s record it brings me back to when I had left my record outside and it got warped from the sun, I no longer could pretend that I was one of them and sing to “Our Lips are Sealed”.

Now I can relieve my “olden” days by going to Rock Candy Music and More in Santa Clarita, Ca. A close friend of mine, Melissa and her husband left corporate America and decided to do something that they love, which was to open a store that focuses on music…and more. They started a small independent record store that caters to music fans …. They have everything from Vinyl LPs, new and used CD’s, DVD’s, retro toys, retro candy, t-shirts, posters, jewelry, candles and spiritual d├ęcor.  The most amazing thing about this store is they let local songwriters and bands have a chance to promote their music. My friends spotlight local bands and singers during the week and feature Acoustic Saturday nights...... so you can come by, enjoy music and roam the store and come across some of your own blast from the past while meeting some awesome people such as Melissa and Billy the owners of Rock Candy Music and More.

So if you ever find yourself heading towards Santa Clarita or just want to take a drive to visit a store that will take you back in time….this is a must STOP!!!  You won’t regret it…’s so worth the gas!! 

Click here to visit their site :Rock Candy Music and More

Located in the Bouquet Canyon & Plum Canyon Shopping Center.
28124 Bouquet Canyon Road - Saugus, CA 91350
Tel: 661.263.9800