August 13, 2011

For me ? you shouldn't have ...... he didn't.....Aug 13,2011

When the mister came home last night he came into the room and said to me “look what I got for YOU”, now you see I emphasized YOU.  I was a bit touched by what he was holding in his hand…….which was a nice big bag of twizzlers. Now to some that may not mean much but to me I love twizzlers so imagine my shock when he started to rip the bag open and grab a handful of twizzlers…….mind you he just came from the store and bought cookies and ice cream to satisfy his sweet tooth. 

“Excuse me I thought you said those were mine?” …….he replied “Yeah but I’m going to give some to the kids?” …..a bit annoyed I said “you just bought cookies and ice cream for you and the kids and you just said that those were mine?”.  I can’t recall if he said anything after the fact…. I think I was in a twizzler fog due to the recent twizzler bamboozle. ….all I remember is seeing him head to the kitchen with a handful of MY twizzlers. 

Now, I’m all about sharing, I share all the time…’s a prerequisite when you become a mom, I don’t remember anytime I told my children “No you can’t have that fry…it’s mine!!!  …..but it’s just that he said he bought them for me. It would have been different if he just said “I picked up some twizzlers for us” I wouldn’t have assumed the bag was my special snack. So I guess his sweet twizzler surprise wasn’t sooooo sweet after all. ……………..but it didn’t keep me from having a few before bedtime!!