August 12, 2011

Friday Five

  • So we completed the first week of school and by WE I mean my son and daughter. There was no whining or crazy clothes crisis that needed extinguishing, no one was late and assignments were done. I did send out an email to all my daughters teachers and introduced myself and in a roundabout way explained that we will be in contact throughout the year and as it turns out …..4 out of 6 teachers will be getting an F for non-participation!!! A reply would have been nice! 

  • Speaking of school I was suppose to start next week but thanks to good old Social Security and FASFA my new married name wasn’t updated correctly, so I foresee a trip to the social security office with marriage license, drivers license and paperwork in tow!! So hopefully  I can start up in a week or two.

  • Apparently it’s ok to wear your daughters mini skirt to work without having to worry about being sent home. …..and no it wasn’t me…..I wouldn’t dare inflict that on anyone!!!  Earlier this week a co-worker decided to raise some eyebrows with her recent decision to change up her wardrobe and come in wearing a mini skirt…….I’m thinking she got lost on her way to her closet and ended up in her daughters closet instead. News on the floor is that she’s over her divorce and ready to play….obviously. My opinion ……. At her age showing that much skin and that much leg at her age is just not right and it’s not like there is anyone here to impress anyways, in a room of 40 plus women there are 3 men….2 of which are happily married and 1 well just isn’t worth even discussing.

  • Only 3 more days till I get to pick up my daughter from the airport. She decided pretty much a month ago that she wanted to surprise her family with a visit before another long year away at school….see decided to spend her summer up at my parents house in Wisconsin and found a job she adored…anyways. At first it was only me that knew… was the secret among secrets!! and certainly hard to keep but then she decided to tell everyone except her father and younger sisters. Although she will only be here for one week it will be nice to see her before she heads off for another year at school.

  • Now……. Number 5 is short and sweet……..
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!