September 18, 2011


Friday was a day that left me thinking "SERIOUSLY?" .....heres why.

Me: good morning, can I get your account number please
Patient : I need to talk to a live person
Me: I’m sorry did you say you need to speak to a live person? ( hmmm last time I checked I was breathing and my voice isn’t computerized, so WTF?)
Patient: Yes, I want to speak to someone face to face.
Me: Ohhh ok here is the address to our business office ……………….

Me: Good Morning can I please get your account number
Patient : Well, I’m just calling because I have a bill and I have insurance
Me: Your account balance shows a zero balance
Patient : Then why do I have this bill?
ME: what is the date of the statement?
Patient: The due date is May 26th.
Me: Miss it’s September 16th you have an old statement. Please disregard the statement, the balance is zero.
Patient: what do you mean disregard the statement
ME: you can toss the statement in the trash, file it away, do what you like with it, the balance is zero!
Patient: so I don’t have to worry about this then right?
ME: (are you kidding me right now!!!) yes your balance is zero, please don’t worry about the statement.