March 09, 2011

Good Bye bread... see you in 39 days

Every year about this time many give up something for 40 days. Growing up and attending Catholic school we had to share what we had planned to give up as a sacrifice, normally it was “I’m going to stop being mean to my sister”, sometimes it was “I’m going to stop eating sweets”….none the less I think it probably lasted for a week or two until it slipped my mind. Sort of like a New Years Resolution, that’s why I seldom make New years resolutions because I’ll forget by week 3.

This year my daughter started to talk about giving something up, I instantly told her to give up her cell phone. That didn’t go over too well, then I mentioned “bread” and then ….my mouth spoke before I truly thought this one over, I said “and I will give it up with you so we can do it together”. Mind you I didn’t say “CARBS”, because if that was the case I would be such a bear by day 3. How hard would it be to give up bread? So my daughter and I agreed…….soon after she started to list off things she can’t eat at school “do cheetos count as a bread?”. Heck I don’t know…..Cheetos is a form of a chip right? and a chip comes from potatoes… technically if you think about it…I don’t think so.

Today is day one of no bread and obviously I didn’t think this one through prior to grocery shopping. I went home for lunch…stared at the items in the fridge  and ended up having a slice of lunch meat, a few slices of a cucumber and a string cheese. Today is going to be a long day. 

One day down…39 more days to go.