January 21, 2011

Birthday dinner gone bad

I’m a little annoyed with the mister.  We planned a special night to celebrate my birthday just him and I. It was basically going to be the highlight of my week…nice restaurant, wine, giggles, amazing food…what more could a girl ask for ..right??  fast forward to the end of the night, the check arrives and the mister isn’t pulling out his wallet. I ask if he’s going to pay and he looks at me and says “just use your card”, “use my card, why?” I asked. I heard some sort of who hah…. But all I was seeing is red……use my card?? For my birthday dinner?? Why didn’t he bring cash? This was my birthday dinner and I have to pay for it? What kind of crap is that. I handed my card……..when the slip came back to sign, I looked at him and said “you’re going to tip the guy aren’t you?”….. he looked at me and said “I don’t have any cash on me”…… this you know what didn’t bring anything with him….so I ended up paying for the whole thing…..tip and all!!! And then he complains that I didn’t tip him much. EXCUSE ME??   I looked at him and said “I’m paying for my own dinner why are you saying anything”. He advised me that I was messed up. I’m messed up??? Wasn’t this suppose to be my birthday dinner??? 

To top it off he was under the impression that there was going to be some dessert in the bedroom……………..hmmmmm, no I’m sorry this girl is done giving for the day. I had already paid the mortgage, 2 loans, the internet….bought the kids dinner…..MY dinner…TIPPED the waiter and he wants me to give it up….sorry but this gal/bank is CLOSED!!!......and broke.