September 27, 2011

Welcome to my vent corner......want to vent??

I've kept my mouth shut for weeks ......but now I need to let it out and the only place I can let it out is here in my little corner, because if I express it to the Mister he will most likely say it's not true or it will just end up in a full on fight and personally I really don't want to get into a full blown fight 2 weeks before our 1 year anniversary.

I don't know what it is but every time his boys come over he seriously becomes a major as at times. It's in his tone, the way he comes at me with an answer. I'm not sure if he does this to show he's the MAN or to show his boys the he has "balls". Like tonight at dinner he "scolded me" in front of his boys and my son and yes I could have continued going at it like he does with my children , I  could have brought up the fact that if I EVEN told him that he was wrong in the situations of the past it would be my head that was served up on a platter for dinner........but I kept my mouth shut because one I already knew how this would be played out and two this has been a common thing with him when his boys come over. 

The funny thing is when his boys aren't here he seldom acts like an ass, he's sweet and kind.....but when they are around he hardens up and his responses are short and crude.........I choose my battles and this one is a waste of time. So I will drink my glass of wine....................roll my eyes and work on my classwork.

......whats your vent for the day????