April 14, 2011

Mister in for hip replacement

So I've been at the hospital since 5:45 a.m, not for me but for the Mister. He is under going his 2nd hip replacement, the first one was last year on his left hip. Normally when you hear "hip replacement" you instantly think of some 70 year old, well the mister is the exception. As a child he was a dare devil....I wonder if Evil Kenevil was his someone he looked up too? the mister did ride his bike off the chicken coop as a child! and with all his "boys will be boys" antics he now is paying for it as a healthy forty year old.

I'm better prepared this time though, I brought our lap tops.....plenty of movies because if I see another episode of I Love Lucy I'm going to lose it!!! I picked up some games to play on our lap tops, I brought his pillow and a nice soft comfy blanket, because the hospital blankets are never quite soft enough! I remembered our phone chargers because last time we forgot ours and I had to venture out in downtown Los Angeles to locate a Walmart....I never found a walmart but I found a AT&T store and spent too much on a charger!!

Overall he's doing well, the surgery was a success now it's all about recovery and  pain free!!!