September 07, 2011

Decisions Decisions

I just got back from a brief trip to see my sister and I had a fabulous time.  3 ½ days just to myself although I did make the occasional call to the mister to check on the house and of course the fur kids…mainly Lily who hasn’t been away from me more than a couple of days and from what I heard she was a bit peeved about me not coming home at the normal time.

I’m not sure about you but I love flying but I love flying when I can have the window seat and not have to worry about having to get up when someone needs to use the bathroom and I don’t have to worry about invading someone’s space or having my space invaded by two people. Normally when I fly I come prepared with magazines and one book but more times than none I try and catch up on sleep which is really hard to do when I’m stuck between two people.

I flew southwest and if you have ever flown on this airline you pretty much get to choose your seat when you get on board. If you happen to be in section C which means you are last to board you basically know that all the good seats are taken so you can kiss any chance for a window seat goodbye. This is what happened to me both times and each time there I am scanning the rows. I have few things I look for and given the fact that I was sick I didn’t feel like chatting it up, so I was looking for those that didn’t have a cherry “come sit here” smile because I’ve fallen for that just thinking they were friendly and all I ended up hearing was about her sorority days at Kama Kappa “who gives a shit”, how she was going to visit her sorority sisters and how she went on some extreme diet so she could look her best. So I bypassed anyone who fit that description, I also passed by those businessmen who brought their office with them because 9 times out of 10 he would be juggling a laptop, folders, a few pen’s and papers. I sought after the quiet, shy types who wouldn’t even start up a conversation with George Clooney if he was sitting next to them; I was looking for those who were engrossed in a thick book who wouldn’t want to be bothered by conversation.

I thought I did a good job  on my way to Chicago but what I forgot to think about was who was sitting in front of me and behind me. In front of me was a 20 something girl who could pretty much be a member of Laguna beach who happened to find her way next to some guy who could  have been a member of some MTV reality show and boy oh boy the chatted it up from the time they buckled their seat belts till they  landed. By the look and actions of the girl I had a feeling she was hoping to become a member of the mile high club. Did I mention she had just met him? Then behind me was the sorority girl who couldn’t wait to share with the lucky girls seated next to her all about her lawyer fiancé and their upcoming wedding. I did hear one of the girls ask about her soon to be in-laws and sorority girl could wait to bash them with her southern accent.

On my way back my choice in seats was very limited so I found a place to stow my bag and plopped down between a person with a book and an older gentlemen who looked like he didn’t want to be bothered. Once I buckled up and viewed my surroundings I noticed that the man was holding a ceramic mug tightly. Strange, I thought but disregarded it as a gift for someone. I was wrong. After trying to sleep during my flight I kept getting interrupted by him flagging down the airline staff for more coffee and do you think he used their cups? Nope. He poured his coffee in the ceramic mug. Ok to each his own until the coffee caught up with him and had to disturb me and the book lady 4 times during a 4 hour flight. 

So the next time I decide to fly I will try my best to book early on southwest or try for another airline where I can reserve a window seat.