September 27, 2011

No means....NO.....not ask me in 5 minutes

Unbeknownst to me I have a money tree in my backyard and I have a dead rich uncle because my daughter seems to think that I have money coming out of my ass. ………..and the last time I checked the leaves are just LEAVES, I have no dead rich uncles and nothing is coming out of my ass except for well…..the obvious.

I love hearing “I never ask for anything” before she asks for something, but what she doesn’t recall is she has been asking to go to a senior trip that is going to cost over $2500 and that was a big “UHM no I don’t think so”, then it was a summer at my sisters place in Illinois which can be done, but this week is “Can you get me a gym membership”. First off, if anyone is going back to the gym it’s me and if I’m going to be paying for a gym membership and driving to the gym I better be included.
I basically told her umpteen times last night and this morning that I have no extra money to put towards this gym membership and if I did then I wouldn’t have a problem, but with each NO and explanation I gave her came a whiney request. This girl has some balls to keep pestering me…..I told her that she can run around the block, use our stationary bike, use the 25 exercise DVD’s that are gathering dust…..of course to these suggestions she stated “It’s boring”.  I told her “wait till Christmas”……and of course that wasn’t good enough. “I can’t wait till Christmas; I need to lose 50 pounds before the end of school its A NEED not a want”. 

Seriously!!! …… at this point and 6 text messages later (this morning) I about had it with her reasoning. I explained to her that this is not a NEED and if she wanted to lose the weight she can stay after school and use the gym there or run on the track and watch what she eats, or join me for runs/walks with the dogs but that request always gets a “uhmmmm no I don’t think so”.  I explained to her that if she continued to bring this subject up she WILL get in serious trouble, if she wants this badly enough she can get a job so she can fund the monthly payments towards a gym membership because right now I’m busy paying off her senior pictures!