September 12, 2011

Message from Cubeville-What NOT to text your girlfriend

While working on my latest  assignment in the lunch room a co-workers phone kept going off, she looked just as annoyed as I did by the 5th “ding” from her cell. She looked up at me and said “It’s all about his penis….penis this, penis that.” This is something you never hear in the lunch room, well I haven’t.... I’m just lucky to hear about someones latest old women surgery or the latest on grandkids. 

I pushed aside my work which was her cue to talk. She then explained that his way of romancing her is through texts about his penis. “it’s hard just thinking of you”, “It can’t wait until your riding it”. “it wants to feel you”……I start laughing because the way she was telling the situation was like the penis was another person. She told me that this was his way of being romantic but all it was doing was turning her off completely and she didn't want to get near him. I then blurted out “he needs to step away from his member…’s not all about the penis doesn’t he get that?”. She explained that there has been countless conversations regarding his new found love for his penis.  “new found love for it? Did he hate it before”, we all started laughing at how ridiculous this conversation started to become. 

She expressed that all she would like is for his messages to be of some substance unrelated to his member, unrelated to sex period because all his “below the belt” talk is making her feel like she’s with a 20 something year old and she closed that chapter along time ago. “Why can’t he just say he’s thinking of me and not his penis”…….i looked over with a sarcastic grin and said “well he just doesn’t know which head to think from he’s just a bit confused but you have to somehow put the penis talk to rest!!” 

I gathered up my stuff and chuckled the whole way back to my desk.......messages with substance.....hmmmm well that's a thought!