March 09, 2011

Scheduling conflicts

As a blended family the schedules can get overwhelming…..but when the chaos flares up that’s not the kids fault it’s the parents.  I feel that it is the responsibility of two sets of parents to keep in contact in regards to appointments, club meetings, youth groups, school activities…and most of all work schedules.

It’s not fair when the Mister is put down in front of his children  by his ex-wife in regards to his work schedule. We all have issues with his schedule but it’s not technically his fault, his employer takes his merry time to get it together at the last moment…..but at least it’s pretty much the same schedule. My problem with this issue is that if she has a “concern” don’t blab it to the children be an adult and talk it out with the other parent…..AND before you start to insult the other parent, check yourself first. There has been many times that we have to alter our schedules  because she tells us at the last minute that the kids have certain club meetings, youth group, boy scouts or school events in which we have to switch around everything. Do we insult her in front of the kids for her lack of insight to inform us ? no, we keep it between us. I wish I can say something but I just keep my mouth shut and wish the Mister will nip this in the bud and tell her that we need to know the kids extracurricular activities way in advance …not THAT day, THAT morning.