October 20, 2010

Escape From Reality

I wish at times that I had the luxury to just hop on a private plane and fly to my favorite places for a few hours so I can experience the sights, smells and the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted all over again.

When I find myself wanting to just escape I close my eyes and picture myself walking along the cobblestoned streets of Little Italy, NYC taking in the culture that oozes out of every restaurant and bakery that I pass. I’m easily entertained by the accents of the big burly Italian men that stand in front of their restaurants shouting out in Italian how magnificent their menu is and trying to leer me into their restaurant, and all I can think about is where is Don Vito and the rest of the Corleone family?

But first thing is first and as I’m continuing my walk on Mulberry st, my senses take over and I’m instantly taken into the most amazing deli. Just stepping foot into this place makes me gain 10 pounds just by the smell alone. I’m in carb heaven………breads line the aisles, and yes I inhale hmmmmmm….nirvana! My senses become awaken by the smell of pancetta, prosciutto, Calabrese, sopressata, and as the jolly old butcher notices my desire to just take a sample I smile and force myself to leave. In a way I’m in the middle of an amazing foreplay session with my senses because once I get to my destination …………….all the teasing will be worth it.
I venture into the little ma and pa bakeries and just want to sink my teeth into the fruit tarts and cannolis, but I’m close to my destination so I listen to my growling stomach and continue on down mulberry street.

Casa Bella Ristorante sits on the corner of Hester and Mulberry. It’s a quiet little restaurant and although I normally sit inside and gaze out the window I choose enjoy my meal outside and partake in my favorite past times, people watching while I devour my favorite dish…….penne con broccoli with chicken, along with their mozzarella ,tomato basil salad and  sipping on a glass of merlot. The first bite is indescribable; it’s almost like having an orgasm in my mouth …..and there I sit satisfied getting lost in all that surrounds me.

“ring ring”  I’m whisked back to reality; to the life I’ve become accustomed to …………………cubeville.

“Good Morning, you reached the business office ……………how can I help you”  and as i take a deep breath and start my morning, I smile knowing that without a doubt that i will be back to walk the streets of Littly Italy.