October 23, 2010

Agree to Disagree

My 16 year old daughter hurried to get ready to go to a party and those of you that have experienced a teenage girl in the middle of a clothes crisis, their room ends up looking like a hurricane hit it. I sensed that she was about to hit her frustration point until she asked if she could wear one of my pink shirts and my Lucky Brand jeans. I didn’t see a problem with it; we have borrowed each other clothes for years. Although I won’t dare to try a squeeze myself into her shorts or jeans……..I know I’m 36 NOT 16 and some clothes ARE just NOT appropriate for a thirty something.
As my daughter was heading out the Mister leaned over and said “why are you letting her wear your clothes?” he seemed very bothered by this and I told him that I knew that she was wearing my clothes and I don’t see anything wrong with what she’s wearing. She had actually toned it down a bit tonight.
I asked the Mister why it bothered him so much and he said that girls borrow their friends clothes, moms and daughters shouldn’t be sharing clothes. I’ve always shared clothes with my daughters. I see it as me being thrifty and saving money. Yes, I do have my own clothes and so do they……..but there are just some shirts that we mutually enjoy wearing. Granted, I never wore my moms clothes……I never saw anything appealing with what she wore. I was a bit baffled why he has a problem now,  we have been together for over a year and a half and he’s seen my daughter and I share clothes……so why is it a problem now??
Obviously bothered, the Mister continued to say that men don’t want to see their wife in the same clothes that their daughters wear and vice versa . He added that when I would wear those jeans he loved how they fit, now he wouldn’t be able to see me in them the same way. I told him that he’s just being ridiculous and that he’s being materialistic. As I was about to say that we will agree to disagree on this situation he continued to say that I just don’t understand. NO I don’t understand why his panties are in a bunch. It wasn’t like she was wearing one of my bras, corsets, or something revealing.
We are just going to have to agree to disagree or he’ll have to end up buying me a new wardrobe if he seriously has a problem with my daughter and I sharing clothes.