April 15, 2011

What I'm reading

Since I’ve been accompanying the Mister the last couple days here at the hospital I’ve been reading “Something Borrowed” by Emily Griffin. I’ve seen this book on the shelves at Barnes and Nobles, Target and Walmart….I’ve even picked it up and read the back a couple of times but for some reason just always put it back, but after seeing the trailer the other night I decided it was time to buy the book because it’s going to be a “must see” once it comes out. 

As tired as I am and anxiously awaiting to lay down on that "ohh so comfy " cot in the corner I still find myself reaching for the book to read just a little bit more. In ways I can relate to the main character Rachel, who is just entering her thirties and is faced with the fact that her life isn’t like she had planned it out to be when she was little……she’s not married with children in tow, in actuality she’s not even close.  Although, for myself I had children when I turned 30......I was divorced for ten plus years and not close to finding THE ONE. So in a way I can relate to Rachel with her timeline crashing down right before her eyes and coming to the reality that.......life can't be based on timelines. 

So I'm going to stop blogging for the night and continue reading.