April 22, 2011

Need to seriously recharge

I mentioned earlier that the Mister and I had a tiny blow out over a blanket. I believe it was just built up frustration which led to me telling him that basically he’s acting like a baby and man up, but I really didn’t say it in those words. 

Earlier that day I came home early from work because I had been sick all morning throwing up at work (no I’m not pregnant), unable to keep my eyes open and just plain exhausted. I hid out in the bedroom and tried to get some much needed rest. I think I got in a few hours of sleep before it was time to check up on the Mister…..he was fine so I threw in a load of laundry. 

15 minutes later

The Mister :  is the washer free?
(hmmm can’t he hear the washer going ? I can)
ME: I just threw in some clothes, why?
The Mister : just wondering
(Women…we know if our guy is “just wondering” its code for “we need something done”)
ME: do you need something washed? Because you wouldn’t ask if there was something in the wash for the heck of it.
The Mister Stern: NO I was just wondering
ME about to lose it: what do you need washed!!
The Mister : Stop yelling at me
ME: yelling back: I’m not yelling at you!!...what do you need washed
The Mister: I wanted to wash my blanket
ME: give me the blanket….get off the couch right now and give me that damn blanket because I don’t want you washing it at midnight!!
(he stuck his blanket in the dryer at midnight the previous night)
The Mister : NO I will do it myself later
ME yelling: Fine do it yourself but it better not be at midnight
The Mister yelling back: what is wrong with you?
ME: what’s wrong with me?? I’m exhausted ….you handled your surgery a lot better last year and that was worse than this one. You are way more needy and demanding this time, you’re up and down all throughout the night and of course I’m up with you which causes me not to get the rest that I need. You don’t act this way during the day when your parents are here and when you call you sound all chipper but when I’m home you act like you’re dying.

I walked off feeling not one bit of guilt and headed right back to my bed to get some rest after a small nap I woke up and tip toed past the Mister…..but he wasn’t asleep….he called out to me. He then apologized for earlier and I apologized to, he gave me a kiss and for the rest of the night he asked his boys for assistance as I laid in bed catching up on “William and Kate Wedding” specials, blogging, and cuddling with my children.