July 18, 2011

How do you motivate a 17 yr old

All my 17yr old has to do is get a job and then the car is hers. Now do you think she’s pounding the payment looking for work during her summer break? Nope. It seems as though she is content with sleeping in, texting or playing on her computer. It just baffles me that she has no drive to make this happen it’s not like I just sprung it on her either, she’s known for a year and the only conditions where grades above a C and a job so she can pay for gas.

My car is paid for and runs great. It’s a perfect starter car. I even made it easier for her too…..i bought another car and I love my explorer. Now……the ball is in her court. I asked her about her lack of motivation and she just gets so defensive and then I hear it “we are in a recession no one is hiring, everyone is looking for work ….i went and looked on Monday and some places you have to be 18”. I asked her about the 2 taco bell applications I picked up for her and she said “I don’t want to work at Taco Bell!”….well honey beggers can’t be choosers. If you want my car then you better work on getting a job wherever…….if not then I will sell it. Well she didn’t like that but hey “we’re in a recession!” is what I should have said. 

I just don’t get teens these days………their lack of drive to at least grab onto some independence. I remember I couldn’t wait to get my license and new found freedom when I was allowed to drive my mothers car.Well....now her brother is inching closer to to becoming 16 and soon it will be him driving her around in what would have been "her car".