July 18, 2011

I will blog if i want to


 “We need to talk” the mister said to me early Saturday morning.  Now when the mister wants to talk it starts with 20 questions directed to me which is really annoying especially early in the morning. I told him I’m not answering his questions……he wanted to talk so TALK, because in the past when I played this  20 question game his direction of the conversation changes to better suit the situation. He began to mention my “blog”…yes the one you are reading right now. He stated that he doesn’t want me to write about our personal life anymore. “ohhhh here we go !” I thought, …….he then proceeded to tell me that he knows an ex of mine is reading it and he doesn’t feel “comfortable” with him knowing our personal business. Of course I wasn’t happy with where this talk was going. I explained that this was my outlet and he was ok with this when I first started.  He then stated he was fine with me writing but I couldn’t talk about our personal life and if I wanted to blog I could do so on Facebook. I then questioned “so you want me to write on facebook about what I write about here? You want my friends, your friends, my family to know about our marriage issues?” …….he then changed his tone. 

I blog as a release; My blog is an honest expression of me in all sense of the word…… the good, the bad and the unexpected. The blog world is unlike facebook or myspace. You can be as anonymous as you want or involved in many levels of the  blogging  communities…unless you become part of blogger get togethers you are pretty much strangers to one another who share the same interest which is blogging. 

I continued to tell the mister that I like being able to connect with other women that may be going through the same things, it's not only helpful but theraputic .......

It's simple.....I'm going to continue to write. He does have a choice.......to read or not to read.