July 29, 2011

Friday Five Ode to Cubeville

  1. Thank God It's Friday
  2. Tension can be felt between the follow-up girls and patient service girls....it's almost like the Jets and the Sharks...i'm just waiting for someone to cue the music so there can be singing and dancing down the aisle!!
  3. Can't wait to take this ear piece off my ear and give my right ear a break from having to endure screaming people day in and day out!!
  4. I'm at the front desk today...pretty much I'm like the Walmart greeter but not as chipper.....well not today this migraine is kicking my ass.
  5. I keep getting looks by one of the Jet member  (aka follow up girls).... "i'm not scared of you" I want to say.....plus after our little conversation yesterday i think she's pretty much taken back that this quiet girl can bring it like the rest of them.................and she calls herself a New Yorker!!!