July 29, 2011

My Reality round up

Well for those who know me I can be a reality junkie at times. This season I’ve been stuck on more than just a few which happen to take place on Sunday and Monday evening and I have a feeling if I have to add another  request to my DVR for Sunday my DVR will go on strike!!

1.     Jerseylicious has to be one of the most entertaining reality shows to date. It takes place at the Gatsby salon in New Jersey and even though the main residence of the show is a salon the premise focuses on the lives of the employees and in my opinion they are a silly, lovable bunch who continue to make my Sundays enjoyable.

If I had to list my top 3 favorites on the show it they would have to be

1.        Olivia –with her wild crazy obsession for leopard print and gaudy mix of jewelry one cannot help but fall for her silly one liners , sudden love for “The secret” way of life!! or her continuous battle with Tracy which is one reason I keep coming back………it’s a train wreak where they are concerned but although Tracy states she doesn’t care about Olivia’s relationships she sure doesn’t act like it. 

2.        Gayle – The cougar and owner of the salon. Now she wasn’t my favorite at first but I have grown to love her cougar like ways and not being afraid of being a grandma and still looking sexy…….except she needs to throw away that gawd awful black and white feather hat!!. I’m just waiting for her to sink her cougar claws into Flippo and make that little cubs day!!

3.        Gigi and Frankie – I know I said 3 ….but Gigi and Frankie are in my book counted as 1 even though all our hearts broke when they broke up. Believe me I check my twitter pages often to see just maybe a little hint will be spilled to let us know that they found their way back to one another. The world is not right knowing that they aren’t together……we all see how Gigi lights up when Frankie is around but their stubbornness just got in the way of true love and their happily ever after. Frankie just needed to step up to the plate and proposed to Gigi ….screw the “right time right place”……it was the right time over and over again, but of course that Italian pride always plays a part and the Italian stallion lost his girl………………but hopefully not for long!!! 

2.     The Real housewives of New Jersey – yes  another show based out of Jersey and no my 3rd favorite show is not the Jersey  shore.  This show is just crazy, from the hard edge Caroline who puts it to you straight but adores her family…. every one needs a mom like that in their life, then you have Theresa and her wild temper...... Jacqueline who just wants peace between all the families to the newest gal on the block Melissa….now I haven’t put my finger on her yet, I’m not sure if she’s truly sincere or she’s just doing it for the cameras but I do have to agree with Theresa her Christmas eve outfit was a little inappropriate. 

3.      The Bachelorette  - now I would have stopped watching this show after the first couple of episodes but the masked man, that slimey want to be man Bentley and insecure Ashley had me coming back. Yes, I know 9 times out of ten the relationships that are formed seldom work…I can only think of  only three out of ..what are we on now season 20 that have worked out….there is Trista and Ryan, Ali and Roberto and that other one that got married just a year ago..but my interest to see if she would find love stopped after her insane pining for ignorant Bentley week after week……for me it became “lets see what type of train wreak she can create this week” and that’s sad to say because I enjoyed watching her in the last season of the Bachelor with Brad.  

Now I can’t wait for the men tell all….it’s pretty much my favorite “sling em” episode to watch but then we will soon find out who Ashley chooses but as we can all read while we are at the check outstands the choice as been JP (the Randy Orten look a like)……but is this a way for America to be thrown off our tracks? And if so she couldn’t have picked the Geico Caveman look alike Ben for her suitor………maybe in the end they all leave empty handed because JP still is recovering from a broken heart and Ben …..while Ben just seems to be going with the flow and can’t really man up about his feelings. To me….they just don’t really “work”.

And Last but not least-

4.      The Next Food network Star –  I haven’t been a constant fan of these series but this season has perked my interest from the quirky and judge favorite  Susie , the B Penny who got under everyones skin with her I don’t care for anyone attitude, Vic Vegas the tough on the outside soft on the inside type of guy and the judges. From the competition, back stabbing and surprise guests it’s hard for me not to want to turn in every Sunday night. I don’t have my favorite yet….but I am rooting for Susie  but after the Wolfgang Puck episode where he had to take Jyll back to teach her how to make rosoto was when I seriously thought she was going to be sent packing….but that was saved for this past Sunday when she wasn’t quite put together on the Rachel Ray Show. I think either Mary Beth or Jeff will be going home this Sunday. Mary Beth is just a bit awkward and unsure about herself on screen….she just tries to hard which comes across too Stepford wiveish and Jeff just hasn’t put it all together yet one day he’s off and the next he’s rockin it……but most of all Jeff switch up the headbands!!!