June 09, 2011

Just needed to vent

It’s come to the point that I’m actually looking for a second job. Not sure how I will muster up the extra energy to put in more hours after an 8 hour work day….but it’s got to be done. So I found myself revamping my career builder account and sending out some applications last night in hopes of getting a few calls to come in for an interview.

I’m just so tired of barely making it and with the Mister only getting 2-3 days a week at his job it just makes things even more difficult. It’s not like I want to be rolling in the dough, although I wouldn’t complain if I was. I just want to be able to sit back and not stress about not being able to pay a bill or two. I don’t like asking for extensions and I don’t like seeing those RED notices hanging on the door.  It wasn’t supposed to be like this. 

I understand that I’m not the only one in this predicament and that times are tough but I just would like it if the Mister was capable of bringing equal to or more than what I bring in……and here’s the thing, he is perfectly capable of bringing in the dough.  When I met him he was a manager of a restaurant, confident and happy but unfortunately a year later he lost his job…….things haven’t been the same and we really haven’t recovered financially. 

I just always thought that there would come a time when I wouldn't be the one solely taking care of the family.........in all honesty and somewhat selfishly I wanted to feel taken care of .... not in the REAL HOUSEWIVES sorta way but in the way where my husband has a 8-5 job monday thru friday.....or just a job working 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week. 

I have a feeling if he put the time and energy in to finding a good job he would feel more confident in himself and he would stop snapping at everyone.