June 01, 2011

Whats love got to do with it

It’s always nice to hear loving words come from the man you love…….and it’s always such a warm feeling when you are told that you are not a loving person from the one you love.  OK……lets see……

A person who isn’t loving wouldn’t have :

1.       Spent days sleeping on a inch thick springy hospital cot while he was recovering from surgery.

2.        Wouldn’t have made sure if was comfortable and entertained with books,movies and games while in the hospital

3.        Was at his beckon call for weeks at all hours of the day and night

4.        Works her butt off at work in order to keep a roof over the families head

5.        Was so concerned about the well being of his son that I got him counseling right after an issue rose.

6.        Wouldn’t be concerned about his parents well being for living in complete and utter mess they live in that I    sought help for them as well

7.        Wouldn’t make sure that his sons birthdays are memorable with decorations and a special day

8.        Wouldn’t ask about him and his day

9.        Wouldn’t sit and listen to him vent

10.     Wouldn’t care about him or his children.

But yet…..i’m not loving.