February 09, 2011

Tax time......To file together or not ....that is the question

"YOU are getting back $76”. Imagine our surprise when the accountant informed of us of our gift back from the government.  I saw it clear as day….REFUND $76 and in my mind I was thinking “he must have made a mistake, there’s no way” then just like that the images of the new flat screen t.v and new air conditioner went up in smokes and just for a brief moment I thought to myself “only if we waited a few months to get married then I would have received a refund for last year”.

The mister wasn’t too thrilled with the news as well, harshly he told the guy that we were through and we were going to talk to our financial adviser. The accountant snapped back and all I wanted to do was hid under the table. “whats your financial adviser going to say? He’s not an accountant”. Back and forth they went and all I wanted to do was disappear.
When we got home the mister wanted me to run the numbers through the other tax sites and the accountant was correct. I explained to the mister that certain credits we use to get while we were single don’t pertain to us now; that we are married and if we were to file married filing separately I would be the one majorly screwed.

So like it or not we have to join the many that don’t get a thing back from the IRS. All the while Uncle Sam and his cronies are smiling all the way to the bank.