February 10, 2011

Interesting day

I feel for my daughter today. After school her father, my ex-husband is taking her to meet with a priest. No,not for an exorcism or to enter her into a convent. He is thinking that going this route will make their relationship better. Yes, their father and daughter relationship is a bit rocky but what he is failing to see if that they have nothing in common. She has told him this, I have told him this and the Mister has told him this.  I offered some helpful hints that may start a father daughter connection but do you think he’ll listen to me….not a chance. I explained to him that she doesn’t like watching him play Madden football or sit and watch some blowout guy flick, he needs to humble himself and maybe do something girly. Go to the mall, watch a chick flick, go get a manicure….this doesn’t make him less of a man but it shows her that he’s trying to understand her. Forcing her into situations where she has to endure long hours bored to death while he’s entertaining himself with Madden football is just not going to bring them closer.
Do I think that their meeting will be helpful? Yes and no. I know that if my daughter disagrees with something her father is saying she won’t disrespect him in front of the priest; she won’t feel comfortable enough to voice her thought because of the situation at hand. Do I think that the priest will offer some sound advice? Of course I do; but they aren’t licensed counselors. They are men of God and they go by the Bible.
I feel that if my daughter agrees with what the priest and her dad discussed on the fact that she didn’t want to look bad, then at a later date if she doesn’t follow through with what was talked about he will throw it in her face and personally convict her of lying to him and the priest…….and all hell will break loose.