February 09, 2011

Ignoramus----the lawyer

I’m in a profession where attorneys will call in from time to time checking on a clients account. NOW, I don’t know what turnip truck they drove in on but what makes them think that they are at a higher standard than any of us. They call with an arrogant tone, start throwing demands like I’m being paid by him and if they don’t like the answer you give them, they huff. Yes I said huff….like a little toddler not getting their way .

"Whats the account number" I asked." I don’t have one" the ignoramus stated. "Would you have the birth date,social security, or name by chance? I asked. (a huff came from Mr.Lawyerman) I have a name do you want that? …yes sir, please. Once I can see the poor little client that the attorney is asking, about he inquired about the balance…..I did give him what he wanted and also told him that we had sent an itemized billing statement to his office last year; "NO YOU DIDN’T" mister rudeness stated. (hmmmm he just did not accuse us of not doing what was requested), again I told him the date that it was sent…….he then confirmed the balance and said he will pay it in full. I stopped him and said that this account had been forward to collections. 

Then in true lawyer style he said he is only going to pay the $100. I then stopped him and questioned if I heard him right “are you going to leave your client with accrued interest with a collection agency because they were waiting for the case to settle?” he then asked for there number and as I was about to give him that he then asked for the patients account number. NOW…this person was getting on my last nerves….and politely I told him “you will get the account number after I give you the phone number”.