February 14, 2011

Valentines day+Married= ALONE???? somethings never change

I had a previous blog written out for today….all about spending my first valentine’s day with my husband and how I couldn’t wait to head off to Karens wedding with him hand and in hand. 

Currently, I’m home alone. 4 glasses of Riesling down and a couple of truffles inhaled….yes, I’m spending valentine’s day alone, well technically I’m not alone I have my puppies beside me. 

The plan was that the Mister was going to come home around 2:30 and we would leave to go to the wedding around 3:30. I had hoped when I answered my phone at 2:21 that it was him saying he was on his way home. Instead he was calling to tell me that he was heading home but that he was going to have to go back around 6:00 to help with the evening shift…..the mister is a currently a waiter, and it being Valentine’s day the restaurant was booked solid. My thought was “so you already put in your time now come home we have plans and I thought you asked for this time off in December”…..I finished getting ready, ran and put gas in the car and waited….an hour passes and he is still not home. I finally reached him around 3:30. I wasn’t having it. I told him that I would meet him at the location with a shirt to change into, he tried to explain again that “they needed him to work”, by this time I was extremely upset and stated “well I’m your wife and I need you here tonight with me, you did your shift”. 

Tears falling, I drove to the location ….yeah we had words, but what was I suppose to do. This wasn’t about me now. It was Karen’s day; I fixed the flawed make-up and put on a happy face…..the whole time thinking “I can’t believe I’m going to spend Valentine’s Day alone”

Seriously, this was supposed to be our first Valentine’s Day together…..you can’t redo “your first”. I had a night planned after the wedding which would have reminded him of last Valentine’s Day in Vegas.
Needless to say the wedding was lovely……and love was spewing out everywhere…..and then 6:00 came and we had to say our good byes. I would have stayed like I had told the mister that I was going to do earlier, but we are “one” as the pastor stated. Therefore, we said good bye to Karen and her family and he went into his car headed back to work and I went in my car headed home. Then the tears fell…

I get his side of it…..that the extra money helps…..but come on it’s VALENTINES DAY….our first as husband and wife. Well…….I’m off to get into some comfy clothes and fold the silky slutty outfit that I had planned and tuck away the massage oil, grab a glass of wine and turn on The Bachelor. Shit…..kind of reminds me of past Valentines day. I guess something’s don’t change.