October 19, 2010

We will always have Paris......................Las Vegas

So we did it and this time there was no stress. No invitations, no family bickering, no arguments on flowers, music, who is doing what in the ceremony, who RSVP’d and whose feelings were hurt because we didn’t like their input. I didn’t have to worry about whether we were going to get married outside, in a church, by a priest, friend or pastor. The Mister and I decided to head to Vegas and get married under the Eiffel tower with Amy and her husband standing close. 

I didn’t think I would have ever wanted to get married after our cancellation back in May. Leading up to the wedding brought nothing but unnecessary grief, stress and visits to a therapist. It was a blessing that we put the wedding on hold to work out some kinks before making such a huge step……ok that’s a lie, not just some kinks……it was chaos that decided to just show it’s face right after the Mister proposed. Talk about being put through tests to see if we could make it through……so I guess you can say that we passed the tests that were thrown from every direction.  It wasn’t easy that’s for sure, but it sure tested our strength,love and commitment for this relationship. We didn’t do it on our own though, with the help from God, going to retreats hosted by our church, hanging around with people that share the same values regarding family and marriage we soon realized that our troubles were diminishing.

We decided a month ago that it was the right decision to go to Vegas and elope.....we booked our rooms, found a person who would marry us, I was able to trade my wedding dress in for a simpler Vegas type dress,  things just came together so smoothly with no stress what so ever. It was nothing like before.........................and before we knew it 10-10-10 came and I couldn't wait to be married to my best friend.

NOW....don't get me wrong. I know things won't be a piece of cake and our relationship will have it's ups and downs but what we have going for us is that we now know the correct way to speak to one another and we have a better understanding of how we click.