October 26, 2010

Mommy and Daddy Dearest

My relationship with my parents is pure dysfunction. I’ll admit it. Enough visits to therapists settled any thoughts that maybe it was just me and I find it entertaining that after months of sessions  that I’m told it should be my parents sitting across from them instead of me.

This past weekend I received a call from them, now if it wasn’t for the Mister pushing me to answer the phone I would have just let the call go to voicemail. I took a deep breath and said hello it was then I was greeted by my mothers snide tone congratulating me on getting married to the Mister  (note I got married 2 weeks ago). The conversation was purely uncomfortable; I knew she didn’t want to talk to me just as much as I didn’t want to speak with her. It was though she felt obligated to call, and after her brief catch me up with her life she handed the phone to my father and as she handed the phone to him I heard her fakeness slide right off of her……..following her huff of annoyance she told my dad that it was me on the phone and that she had informed me about the package that was in the mail. Seriously she could have done me a favor and put me on mute or cover the phone with her hand. My conversation with my father was just as unpleasant; he couldn’t help but throw in the fact that they were going to take a trip to Vegas in the next couple of months. Now…..don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t care if they went to timbucktoo but when they gave their word to my children that they were going to come out this past summer to visit them and instead of seeing them they go to Vegas and then suggest that I can bring my kids to see them while they are in Vegas just made me sad.

Sad because they are missing out on bonding with their grandkids due to their issues with their relationship with me.

The fact remains that they will never be the type of parents that I hoped they would be and with months of counseling I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will never have the parents my sister has….but I will no longer stand on the side lines hoping that maybe one day they will treat me the same as they do her.