June 15, 2010

From Catholic school bullies,magooa, barbie sex .....to now....Childhood Friends

Spending a couple hours sailing around the Santa Barbara harbor was so  enjoyable, granted I could have done without feeling queasy but looking out onto the ocean, watching the sunset over the mountains, visiting with my oldest and dearest friend,Dawn and reminiscing about our childhoods; trumped any sea sickness I was feeling.

We grew up together in the same neighborhood and met when we were 5 years old. I remember the first time I met her, I was heading over to Heidi’s house (another little neighborhood girl) when I saw this blonde little girl hanging with her in front of her garage. So I walked on over and said hello, we all three played for a little while and then we realized that 3 was a crowd so Dawn and I took off to her house, and thirty-one years later we are still the dearest of friends. We never tire of the stories from our childhood, we still crack up like it just happened.

From our days bullying the neighborhood kids to admit that they love God, hey we went to catholic school and got bullied by nuns….at least we didn’t beat up anyone, well there was an incident with a roller skate, but no one got hurt. I’m really surprised either of us made it into Hollywood or Broadway with our insane desire to come up with plays and dance routines that we would perform during the holidays for the whole neighborhood to see, but the only one in attendance ended up to be our family members and the occasional neighbor that we bribed into coming, our shows also had their very own commercials, my fav would be the “Hefty Hefty Hefty Wimpy Wimpy Wimpy” 1 minute act.

Besides our desire to entertain, we were also inventors …… of magooa. It was a concoction of Jean na te bath oil, baby powder, shampoo and whatever else we found under her bathroom sink. We wanted to make our very own cement but after 6 months of our creation hiding out in the very back of her bathroom sink it was just this gooey grey matter.

I’m really surprised how free we were, we road our bikes and big wheels everywhere, and being as little as we were I’m a bit confused as to why our parents didn’t really care that we would ride up to San Fernando Blvd to get some ice cream. Didn’t they even worry that we could be snatched up at any time and taken to Mexico? “one less mouth to feed” they would probably say to themselves.

Yes, besides all our crazy little sideshows and adventures to the ice cream shop, we were your normal little girls. We played school, grocery store, barbies……Ohhh and our Barbies had sex A LOT……. Ken was one lucky bastard let me tell you. You wouldn’t think we knew much about sex or even the word at such a young age ( I would have to say 7,8 ish), but we were introduced to the sighting of Hustler when torn pages lined the fences of our neighborhood and ALL the kids were running out to see what the commotion was. “Porn…what’s that?” we said, and of course there it was a mustached man having his way with a very bushy woman, to our amazement we were told that ALL dads have them. “Not our dads, they aren’t gross”… and there we went out to prove them wrong and searched our parents room and bathroom………………. And yep they were right, our dads were in possession of 70’s porn.

Although our lives have taken many different roads we still remain close friends, and will continue to add on to the memories through out the next 40 years or until the big A hits us and we can't remember a darn thing!!