June 08, 2010

Couples Therapy??? seriously...... urgh

Couples therapy ………..seriously?

We’ve tried this twice before with my therapist and it never ended well. I don’t know who he thought he was fooling sitting there spouting out his life philosophy and how he just wants the best for us, his version of his “side” of the story seriously was as holey as swiss cheese.  While I sat there biting my tongue, fuming, and rolling my eyes which of course was caught by my counselor……who had to state the obvious “Jolene why are you  rolling your eyes”.  “because he’s just telling you what he thinks you want to hear and he’s NOT telling the full story” is what I wanted to say ….but it came out a bit different than that, I think the word “he's not telling the truth” was tossed out along with a few other  choice words.

This would be our first visit to couples therapy since the cancellation of the wedding, so this is going to be just as fun as going to the gynecologist for a yearly pap. These sessions never end well and they just continue way into the night. Last night after our pre counseling fight he stated that there shouldn’t be any finger pointing, to which I replied that the first time I hear some story about how we were meant to be and his philosophy behind his life, and making himself out to be the “after”  of years of therapy poster child….. I’m out of there. 

I’m not sure what topic will be the main event. We could talk in length about his anger vs. my temper when pushed to its limits, there’s the all time favorite his sons vs. his lack of follow through, trust or lack there of would be fun to discuss. We definitely need to learn the correct way to play fair,granted with a little help from Amy I’ve learned a fair fighting tool especially when he gets to his boiling point. “Speak calmly but stern,and tell him that you will not be spoken to in that tone”, and keep saying it until he realizes that he shouldn’t be talking to you that way. Seems like a good idea…right, but when I put it into place last night I was told pretty much where to go and that he could talk to me anyway that he would like.

So by 4pm my stomach will start churning, by 4:30 I’ll be wishing for a bathroom, and by 5pm I’ll be thrown into the ring and by 6pm I will becancelling our weekend trip to Montecito.