August 10, 2011

Young, in love and .......stupid.

My 17 year old has been dating the same guy for about a month and in my opinion I was very impressed with this boy. He had goals and knew where he was headed in life. Now did you catch the word “HAD” in my last sentence? He had planned to go into the airforce and was set to go later this year but now I guess there is a hang up and as of very recently ( yesterday) he told me that he has decided to go into the Navy with my daughter.

Here's my problem, my daughter just started her senior year and will not be heading off anywhere until after graduation. He graduated last year and is living at home. I envision this boy just chilling at home, taking care of his sister and grandfather for a year, until my daughter graduates to start his life.  I asked Jerry what his plans were for the next year and quickly he responded that he was going to the local college, apply for aid and move out. Knowing that the deadline has passed to get into any classes or even to submit for aid I asked if he was planning on going this winter. He had no answer…….I seriously think he didn’t do the proper research and I think he realized 1. I’m not stupid and 2. He didn’t think his plans all the way through.

I put it out there to my daughter that she really needs to put the idea in his head that he needs to do something during this year if he does decide to wait for her to graduate but for someone to hold off on a career choice or life venture for a year is kind of crazy. Of course she had a response...... when doesn’t a teen have a response? right? She asked why I was in his business and I clearly said “you are MY business, he tells me his business therefore bottom line this is my business”. She told me that he has been looking for a job but of course she tells me no one is hiring which is not true…….there are plenty of openings now because kids are going to back to school and college kids are heading back to college.

Personally I don’t think it’s heathly for some young guy to wait to start his life when he has only been with someone a month and just grow complacent in his life NOW. I know that his home life is one that would bring anyone to sign up and get out into the world but ……… there's something holding him back.........the love for my daughter.