July 26, 2011

Thank you Bethenney!!!!

“A Place of Yes” by Bethenney Frankel has to be one of the best sources of motivation  I’ve ever had and I’m not even through the first chapter. Bethenney gives it to you straight and with her swift kick in the rear with her matter of fact way of speaking it jump started with me not settling with my life as it is at the present time.

 I have always wanted to get a degree in Art and Sciences with my focus on Psychology ever since I was in junior high but never thought it was possible. At that time I wanted to be just like Marlena from Days of our Lives but without the drama of Stefano lurking in the corners but when I would tell my parents about my aspiration on becoming a therapist I just heard snickers and comments such as “you can’t do that or you’re not smart enough”…..after hearing the laughter of my suggestion long enough I just reverted my desire to be the one my friends would go to  regarding their problems.

Now here I am 37 sitting in a cubicle from 8-5 not feeling satisfied with where my life is going. Do I want to be in the same seat 20 years from now typing on the same keyboard, looking at the same screen…sitting in the same chair? No I do not. I see others here that have been content doing just that and that’s what is good for them and even though my job is good for me “right now” it won’t be years to come…. I want to be SOMEONE in this company and most importantly I want to be SOMEONE to ME.

So I registered for college yesterday and will be meeting with an adviser this afternoon to work towards my degree and I’m excited for my future. I told the Mister what I was planning on doing and he just didn’t understand why I wanted to go to school and get a degree in this field. He stated that I could go far in my department without a degree and one day be in my bosses position. I laughed ……I seriously don’t want her position plus I already have a feeling who is taking on that spot when she leaves and who that persons right hand man (well woman) is going to be. Even so I’m a newbie to these veterans with 10 plus years behind them in this department. None the less I didn’t feel the support from the Mister but it doesn’t matter I am in the right mind set to get it done. Yes I know the road ahead will be long and challenging but I need to do this for me and no one else!! 

It's all about being in that place of YES!!!