July 15, 2011

Screw your damn intake

The mister and I were to attend what we thought was a counseling appointment the other day. We waited close to a month after the “orientation” for this appointment.

A month ago we had to attend a "orientation" pertaining to what we are to expect in counseling.  During that long hour and a half I couldn’t believe that I left work early to hear a man stand up in front of a bunch of unhappy couples barely making any sense explaining how happy couples survive. Seriously? This man stumbled around every other word and to me I swear he was on some heavy drugs. It took every ounce in me to stay seated and not storm out…..the only thing keeping me planted on that seat was the fear that I had to do this all over again. At the end he stated that we had to call the number listed on the card to make an appt. Done… 

One month later(earlier this week)

As we walked in the room I was ready to lay everything out there, then the man proceeded to say that this was our intake. “Our what?”…..he started to ask the Mister a stream of questions. Are you depressed? On what scale are you depressed? Did you grow up with available parents? Where they there for you emotionally ?  Do you drink if so how much? 30 minutes into it I’m thinking “you got to be kidding me?”. They could have saved time by giving us this paperwork and have us fill it out on our own in the dang waiting room.  The mister notices that I’m getting pretty inpatient about the whole ordeal because all I’m thinking is when do we get to the talking part! Then he turns to me and asks the same dang questions…………………..do you worry? Yes, who doesn’t you moron! , do you get plenty of sleep? Hmmm don’t you see the dark circles under my eyes? What keeps you from getting a full nights rest? I kept it short…finances, stress, work, kids, crumbling marriage! He continues, do you have a lot of stress in your life? Dude…seriously didn’t I just tell you, isn’t this YOUR job to listen. I just told you the reasons why I can’t sleep? Yes I have stress and from a scale of 1-10 it’s about an 8 ……and will be a 9 by the end of this meeting if there’s not going to be any counseling in a minute.  Were your parents there physically when you were growing up? Yes….. Were they there emotionally for you? hmmm….no and still aren’t. Do you have a couple hours?  But instead I gave him a snip-it to save us time and  finish this dumb  INTAKE. 

When he was done with me he sits back in his chair and says “ok you guys are able to make an appointment to see one of our counselors you have met the criteria”.  Excuse me? We passed what……the How Screwed Up You Are test? I could have told you that a month ago. I wanted to say but instead I looked at him and said “so basically we are screwed up enough to move on”.  After sharing several other classes that this place offers he walks us up front to set up an appointment.  “The earliest we can get you in is August 22nd”…………”seriously? A month and a half”…..i turned and walked away leaving the Mister to deal with it.  I was HOT!! This place is a joke…..a month ago we waste time in a uncalled for orientation, I take time off from work just for some guy to ask us questions that I’m perfectly capable of filling out on paper and now…..we have to wait till the end of August just to be told what???  “ohhh you guys are more dysfunctional then we thought you need to meet with so and so” We walked into the elevator ……the Mister knowing that I was livid about the situation stayed quiet then as the doors shut I said “this is B.S what kind of place is this!!”