July 12, 2011

By the way you're out of milk

With our marriage counseling appointment looming over my head like a dark cloud and the possibility of heading back to singlesville if this doesn’t work out just fills me with anxiety. I try to avoid the breakroom at all costs because it’s a cesspool full of drama but I couldn’t avoid it today so there I sat trying to emerge myself in my book but  I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation between two co-workers, both single and both complaining about men.

One is at a crossroads, she enjoys being single but keeps hearing from an ex boyfriend. Not all the time it’s more like random hellos and at times will leave a message for her on facebook or even email her but when she responds she won’t hear from him for a week or two. When he does resurface he tells her he misses her , thinks of her often and wants to see her. She’s very hesitant to open that chapter up but is always drawn back to the good times they had. Sucker, I thought to myself. She told her friend that a couple weeks ago she mentioned to him that she was going to go for a run at the park and would love to see him before he headed off camping. He didn’t show.  “but I thought he missed you and wanted to see you?”…..my big mouth interjected.  She thought so to, but told us this wasn’t the first time he was a no show. “he’s playing a mind game with you girl” my other co-worker stated. We all silently nodded.  “have you heard from him since?” I asked as I closed my book up. She told us she received messages of endearment and longing and telling her that her silence is heartbreaking just like before but knows it’s just some childish game he is enjoying playing, then she told us that she had visited his facebook page a couple times and noticed that he has been in contact with another ex girlfriend with a recent message from her stating “oh by the way you’re out of milk”. I knew instantly that this was just a guy who was just out to play “the game”. “Seriously how old does a guy have to be when he will stop playing the game?” I guess this is a question just as loaded as “Does bigfoot really exist?. 

When I got back to my desk part of me felt relieved that I didn’t have to deal with issues in singlesville……dating, the game, prepping…..just the thought made me hope that we have a excellent counselor who will help us deal with our many issues in this crumbling marriage and to save us from singlesville.