July 28, 2011

Please stop the ride


The merry go round called my life never stops and what I mean by that is as you read in the previous blog; a rule has been put in place by my ex husband.. aka His Royal Highness when the kids were 5 years old. This rule is that our children if they choose to date have to introduce their boyfriend or girlfriend to him FIRST.  Tuesday was the first time I heard of this ludicrous rule but to calm the waters I agreed to respect this off the wall rule......seriously what does it matter who meets them first....ohhh wait, he claims to have a sixth sense and can tell if they are playing him or not. OK.

This morning my daughters boyfriend asked me if he could see my daughter. I explained to him that he cannot see her until he shakes his royal highness hand (ex husband).  Awhile later he tells me that he is going to meet with HRH tomorrow…..ok good I thought. Then I get a message from Jerry stating that HRH said it was ok for him to see my daughter today. I told him that no he is not going to see her until he meets with my ex tomorrow.

So to just pull this all together for you………….HRH had his panties in a bunch for the last day and a half, caused a bunch of havoc to only go back on his rule today. HELL NO!! so I texted him a nice message and by nice I mean…..to the point with a pinch of edgy bitchness to it. He advised me to call and call I did. In pure royal highness fashion he wanted to take control of the situation but I wasn’t going to have it. I told him he will listen first. I told him that he needs to explain why he would throw a fit and cause chaos to only over turn his rule. He stated “I can change my rule whenever I want to”……………my mouth was to quick for my head to process what came out next. “well next time you want to tweak your rule please send out a fucking memo!” He claimed since he was going to meet with him tomorrow then he didn’t want to seem like a dick and allowed for him to see her. ……..well 1. You are a Dick and 2. There is no way I’m going to allow that because some how some way it will  it will find its way back to me, bit me in the ass and I will be at fault. 

I explained his rule will stand as is and as far as him banning my daughter from going to church with me I clearly stated that if she is with me on Saturday and we choose to go that evening she will be going and Jerry will be going as well. He then turned the conversation into a religious issue………..he proceeded to explain that if she was a true catholic then any guy she plans to marry will have to become catholic because she would not be able to get married in a catholic church. I explained to him that he doesn’t need to give me a quick class in catholism considering I am one ……………I also threw out the question “so what happens if she falls in love with a jewish man? You do know he will not change his religious beliefs for her she will change for him?”  of course he wasn’t having it but I was saved by the bell!!! The lunch bell ……… I told him it was time for me to take my lunch and had to leave.

It comes down to the simple fact of him being a control freak and because he doesn’t wear the pants in his home he needs to control his children and try to control situations and others around him by his arrogant “I know all because I went to college” attitude. (mind you he went to school to be a PE coach).