July 01, 2011

My daughters broken heart

I feel bad that my daughter had to experience the full on characteristics of a player so soon. Being 17 is never easy and of course she’s experienced the likings of a young player in the making through-out high school but this recent event really took her for surprise.  She got the taste of the typical wolf in sheep’s clothing just the other day and she was just taken back how she couldn’t see that one coming.

For the past few weeks she’s been helping her friend ….we’ll call him .....Brad ….He has been  having issues pertaining to a girl. It seems that this girl that he was head over heels for was playing games as well. She would pretend to be interested, have him give her rides, take her to the movies and then treat him horribly afterwards. He was simply perplexed with this head game and when he finally found out that she was interested in someone else he just cut his losses. My daughter was there to help pick up the pieces, hearing him vow that he would never be so cruel to someone like that. Their friendship grew stronger and they hung out from time to time. He alluded to her that he was interested in her and that maybe they could hang out this week and of course she was thrilled. To her he seemed to be that handsome guy who had a great heart  and who wouldn’t hurt a soul especially hers.

Yesterday she was hoping for her daily good morning message from Brad “Good Morning Beautiful”, but instead she got “I don’t want to talk to you ever again I’m getting back with my ex “. Dumbfounded she responded with grace. “I’m glad you are getting back together with your ex but why can’t we still be friends?”.  He just kept shutting her down “stop texting me”, “I don’t want to be friends with you”. She thought that this had to be the doings of his ex turned girlfriend.  Then …….she receives a text from her friend stating to not text Brad again. Now, she has no idea how her friend got wind of the recent turn of events, let alone telling her to stop texting Brad and that she will fill her in later. My daughter just sat for hours replaying conversations in her head, rereading text messages that were shared the previous night. How could she misread this? It was so black and white there was no room for loop holes or misunderstanding.

I explained to her that unfortunately some men have the capability of being pretending to be Prince charming, making it seem as though they were meant to be but out of no where he pulls the rug out from under you and you are left on the floor looking up at Captain Hook with sinister grin and all!! 

~~ it's time for ice cream, girly movies and toe nail polish