July 11, 2011

I'm 37 NOT 67

So for a few months now I’ve been questioning whether or not I should go to the doctors in regards to some rather peculiar symptoms that have been making themselves known; but of course several reasons have stopped me from doing this. One being that I will wait it out hoping it will go away and second I don’t want to seem like a hypochondriac aka. Mommy dearest. So I go on WebMd to self diagnosis myself….sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. 

In the last few months,  I would get my period think it's done but it would soon show itself day after day after day, with no end in sight....spotting. Waking up hot as hell but  I contributed it to summer and living in the California desert  but when others around me aren’t sweating and are able to sleep comfortably I just  figured I would move the fan closer and dress lighter, recently after taking showers (cold/lukewarm) I will start drying off and prepping my make up and all of a sudden I’m hot and sweating again. I decide to apply my make up in another room …..a much cooler room…..and to no avail that doesn’t help.  It doesn’t occur to me that these short a brief heated moments, irregular periods  could be menopause related until I overheard some of the older women in the office talk about their menopause experiences. “it couldn’t be that, I’m 37 not 67” I thought to myself….. I quickly pulled up webmd and typed in menopause after reading the symptoms I felt a bit of relief because although I was getting these burst of hotness I was still getting my period, but then I read on. Premature Menopause…what the heck is that? And why does it say that signs can show before the age of 40!!  So as I read I’m checking off the symptoms…..don’t got that….got that….nope….yep….urghh yep…..nope…..as I continue reading I see that if your mother had premature menopause then you are likely to get it to. Then it clicks…….I remember mommy dearest going into the hospital to “have everything removed” as she put it when I was very young. …but why? She never told me why? I knew she was extremely moody but that should have stopped after the fact so that wasn’t it. I couldn’t just call her and ask  because I really didn’t feel like “sharing” my symptoms with someone …..well sharing it with HER.  So I enlisted my sister to do the dirty work and when she reported back she stated that she had issues with her bladder-incontinence I assume which was on the list and experiencing some menopausal symptoms. My sister and I began to find some humor in our fate but even though she and WebMd suggested to go see a doctor to have blood work done….I’m still in a bit of denial that this is what is happening. I’m only 37 and as much of a delight it would be not to have my period every month.......I'm not looking forward to the intense hot flashes, sleepless nights and mood swings.