April 20, 2011

If Mommy Dearest wrote a blog -Writing Prompt

This weeks Writing Prompt From
If my Mom were a blogger

I would assume she would take the not so honest approach about her life and go for the “feel sorry for me” tactic. Her “About Me “ would probably go something like this:

(and while you read this I'm the oldest of my sister and I)


Unhappily married for 35 + years, newly retired, mother of 2 girls and grandmother of 7 kids.

My wonderful life

Easter is just around the corner, this may be one of my very last Easters considering I’m getting up there in age so it will be just me and my husband on that glorious day. My youngest daughter and her family will be spending the holiday with her in-laws, I guess that’s ok considering it’s “their turn” and my oldest well, she’s in California and I don’t speak to her much so I’m not sure what her plans are. I should call my grandkids I haven’t talked to them in ages ; oh yeah I almost forgot I do have 2 new grandkids …..but again I think my grandkids should call me I am their grandma and who knows this may be my last Easter!

Well, today is another cold day. I’m so tired of this dreaded weather, I can’t stand this place and Jack is never here he’s always gone playing card games at that damn smoky bar.  I swear if it wasn’t for his retirement plan and pension I would have left him a long time ago when he had his little fling with that blonde years ago. My mother  always said I have to take care of myself you know!! So I play the role of happy wife when we are at family events.  If it were up to me I would move to Illnois to be closer to my daughter and my two adorable grandsons, my daughter and I  have the best relationship. I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of her. She’s married, lives in the suburbs, has her own business, she’s involved in her community and is a wonderful mother to her 2 little boys. She has always had it together unlike my oldest daughter……..my husband and I have pretty much written her off years ago. My youngest as always been successful in all that she does and we are so proud of her!

~ohhhh my dang knee~ if it’s not my back it has to be something and now my knee is killing me. I better call and set up an appointment to get that checked. I just found out my results for my recent visit to the doctors earlier this week……there was no hole in my throat. I swear there was something there….but I got a clean bill of health from my doctor. My oldest  thinks I’m a hypochondriac but it’s not my fault that I get sick every other day and have to make an appt to see my doctor. I’m not getting any younger and you can’t trust these doctors now a day, they are always missing something.

 Till next time 
Mommy Dearest