April 13, 2011

All Grown Up - Writing Prompt

The moment I realized I was a grown up

You would think it would have been when I was 17 and became a mother for the first time or when I was 20, married and had a second child, but in all reality I didn’t feel that I was grown up and ready to face the world until I was 22 heading for a divorce and pregnant …again. 

Now I had a lot to think about. Do I stay in this highly dysfunctional marriage and raise our 3 kids or do I admit defeat and get a divorce and put on the hat of “single mom”. I knew it would be hard but I couldn’t have my children grow up with us as their examples of how a marriage is suppose to be. I know what it’s like to have dysfunctional parents as my examples and well……………my children deserved to grow up with happy parents even if their parents lived in different houses.

I knew things would be difficult. I was now raising 2 little girls and a little guy on the way; by myself and now it was seriously time to GROW up.  I moved out of state to be closer to my family but even though they were in the next town over, it was me taking care of the little ones and at times taking on 2 jobs just to make things work. I remember the extreme satisfaction I had when I fixed the leak from under the  bathroom sink, mowed my own yard and shoveled  the snow off my drive way. I had to be the MAN of the house and tend to things in the house and be the MOM and watch over my children.

Don’t get me wrong……it wasn’t easy but it was definitely during that time in my life that I knew that I have truly grown up!