April 12, 2011

Mind over matter

The Mister and I enjoy watching Man Vs. Food from time to time, normally for just the pure satisfaction of seeing if he can conquer these crazy food quests. Well, a couple weeks ago we decided to have dinner at A.J Spurs up in Santa Barbara County and on the menu was a challenge and this food challenge sparked the Misters interest.  “The Gambler” a 35 oz steak must be eaten to win a t-shirt. It took the Mister close to an hour to consume this meat and all the while I sat eating my little 6 oz steak not sure if I could even finish it because with each bite the mister was taking I was getting a little grossed out……which is a strange behavior for me, because I LOVE a good steak!!

Well, last night the Mister made steak for dinner and while we were about to indulge in this steak I started to lose my appetite. I took one bite……it tasted great, but all I could think of was the Mister eating that 35oz steak and then I took a second bite and I was done. I couldn’t do it. I know  it’s all mental and you would think the Mister would have this issue considering he was the one who ate it but nope it’s me that can no longer enjoy the flavor of a nice seasoned steak!